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TREE MUSIC: Songs In the Key of C++ with Skooby Laposky and Charles Copley (Main)

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Saturday, September 11, 2021

Main Library
449 Broadway

Event image for TREE MUSIC: Songs In the Key of C++ with Skooby Laposky and Charles Copley (Main)

An afternoon of new age folk utilizing tree biodata and acoustic guitar from Skooby Laposky and Charles Copley in Joan Lorentz Park

As part of the Hidden Life Radio project, Skooby Laposky will be performing with his musical partner, Charles Copley, utilizing the biodata from the beloved weeping willow tree in Joan Lorentz Park, outside of the Main Library. Laposky and Copley regularly record together as Palm Reading for the music label Myndstream. Their new age folk project involves going on-site and recording entire albums based on the particular biodata of that location. The electrical activity of the local flora is measured and translated into rich polyphonic electronic music with Copley improvising on acoustic guitar as the flora's melodies unfold in real-time. Their music is a record of the locations in which they have visited and listened closely to. 

Skooby Laposky perfoms biodata sonification pieces in locations with unique sets of flora including the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and has been recording various plants in such beautfiul locations as the mountain regions of Iceland, the “living wall” at Paris’ Musée du quai Branly, Yellowstone National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and numerous forests in upstate New York.