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Books Unite Us: Drop-in for Banned Books Week (O'Neill)

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Wednesday, September 21, 2022

O'Neill Branch
70 Rindge Ave.

Event image for Books Unite Us: Drop-in for Banned Books Week (O'Neill)

Books unite us. Books encourage boundless exploration and allow readers to spread their wings. Stories give flight to new ideas and perspectives. Reading—especially books that set us free—expands our worldview. Censorship, on the other hand, locks away our freedom and divides us from humanity in our own cages.

Celebrate the right to read and speak out against book bans and censorship!

Activities will include button-making, postcards, and more.


Every September, libraries, schools, bookstores, museums, and other locales around the world celebrate the right to read during Banned Books Week. At its heart, Banned Books Week is a celebration of the freedom to access ideas, a fundamental right that belongs to everyone and over which no one person or small group of people should hold sway. Banned Books Week is a celebration of books, comics, plays, art, journalism, and much more. https://bannedbooksweek.org/