Polling Locations

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This point layer contains the locations of the 33 polling locations within the City of Cambridge. Each precinct has one polling location where voters cast their ballots during local, state, and federal elections. Updated in 2011.


This layer was created for the Cambridge Election Commission, for mapping, and for public distribution.

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Name Type Details Description
ADDRESS type: String
width: 30
precision: 0
Address of polling location
ADDRESS type: String
width: 5
precision: 0
Polling location street address or intersection
W_P type: String
width: 32
precision: 0
Ward and Precinct numbers, separated by "-"
LOCATION type: Geometry
width: 4
precision: 0
Name of polling location facility
LOCATION_NOTE type: String
width: 4
precision: 0
Building entrance and room notes

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet