Bike Facilities

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This line layer indicates streets within the City of Cambridge that have pavement markings or construction features that facilitate bicycle use. It also contains multi-purpose paths where bicycles can be used off the street.


Created for planning purposes, map making, and for public distribution.

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Name Type Details Description
LENGTH type: Double
width: 8
precision: 19
Length of feature in internal units.
STREET type: String
width: 40
precision: 0
Street name
ST_TYPE type: String
width: 20
precision: 0
Street type
COMMENTS type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
BIKE_FAC type: SmallInteger
width: 2
precision: 5
Bicycle facility code


Value Description
0 Null (indicates that there is a planned bike facility for the line segment)
1 Bike lane
2 Edge line
3 Contra-flow
4 Cycle track
5 Bike path/multi-use path
6 Shared lane pavement marking
7 Shared street
PBIKE_FAC type: SmallInteger
width: 2
precision: 5
Planned bicycle facility code


Value Description
0 Null (indicates that the the line segment already has a bike facility)
1 Planned bike lane
2 Planned edge line
4 Planned cycle track
5 Planned bike path/multi-use path
6 Planned shared lane pavement marking
7 Planned shared street
EDITOR type: String
width: 8
precision: 0
GIS editor

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet