Open Space

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This polygon layer contains open space areas within the City of Cambridge. These areas include publicly accessible land that is intended for active or passive recreational use, along with other undeveloped land of natural, scenic, or cultural value.


Created for planning purposes, mapping, analysis, and public information.

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Name Type Details Description
JOIN_ID type: Integer
width: 4
precision: 10
Internal ID
FCODE type: SmallInteger
width: 2
precision: 5
Open space classification


Value Description
1 City park or playground
3 Public school grounds
5 Cemetery
6 Urban plaza
7 Traffic island
8 National park site
11 Municipal golf course
12 Park under development
21 DCR-owned park
22; 24; 27 DCR-owned parkway
39 Former school location
41 Privately owned, publicly accessible park
42 Privately owned, publicly accessible plaza
43 Publicly accessible rooftop garden
44 Privately-Owned, Publicly Accessible Walkway
49 Private school sports field
99 Other
NAME type: String
width: 75
precision: 0
Name of feature
OWNER type: String
width: 10
precision: 0
Owner of open space
OSCODE type: SmallInteger
width: 2
precision: 5
Defunct ID
RCODE type: Integer
width: 4
precision: 10
Defunct ID

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet