Defective Streetlight or Park Light

Worker repairing a street lightOne of the duties of the Cambridge Electrical Department is to maintain the City's over 7,000 street and park lights to ensure public ways and parks are well-lit for comfort and safety. Department inspectors are constantly monitoring streetlights to identify and repair malfunctioning lights quickly, but we can't be everywhere at once and 100,000 pairs of eyes are better than 100!

To report a malfunctioning streetlight, please fill out the information in the fields below. Types of malfunctions include:

  • Burned-out bulbs
  • Flickering bulbs
  • Cycling bulbs (light turns on, shuts off after a few minutes, then comes back on a few minutes later)
  • Noisy (buzzing) streetlights

Following your report, a crew will be dispatched to inspect and repair the streetlight, usually within 72 hours. You are not required to provide any contact information, however doing so may assist in the repair in the event the worker is unable to determine which light you are reporting or the nature of the problem.

Your Contact Information
Streetlight Information

To help our workers identify the streetlight in question, please provide as precise a location as possible, with either a street number or pole number if possible.

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