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The City of Cambridge Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to provide financial assistance to Cambridge residents who wish to pursue post-secondary education.  Through the Scholarship Fund Program, the City has awarded thousands of dollars to college-bound high school seniors and others who want to pursue higher education. These scholarships are possible thanks to the generosity of Cambridge residents, business owners and taxpayers who support the annual fund. In fiscal year 2017, the City awarded 84 scholarships of $2,500 each. With the increasing cost of higher education as well as continued economic uncertainty, these scholarships help ease the financial burden for many Cambridge individuals and families

How to Start

  1. Interested residents may download the application.
  2. Complete the application and obtain appropriate signatures. 
  3. Submit application, along with all supporting documentation and required signatures, by the deadline stated in the application packet. 
Paper applications may be obtained at Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge Public Library branches and at Cambridge City Hall.


  • Must be a resident of Cambridge. (All ages may apply); 
  • Must be attending, have received admittance to, or have an application pending at an accredited education institution beyond the high school level prior to the award date; 
  • Scholarship is paid directly to the education institution, and must be used during the academic year (scholarship can be held up to four years); 
  • Prior recipients are NOT eligible; the City Scholarship Award is one-time only. 

Supporting Documentation:

  • Transcript of grades from high school, college or other post-secondary institution; 
  • Student evaluation completed by high school or college counselor/advisor, a member of the clergy, a teacher/professor, or a professional associate; 
  • Completed financial aid questionnaire as part of the application. 

Additional Information

The Scholarship Committee, comprised of six Cambridge residents who are appointed by the City Manager, reviews and ranks each application. Committee members do not see the name of the applicant to ensure a completely fair review process.  Each application is evaluated and ranked based on academic achievement, community involvement or extracurricular activities, financial need and special circumstances. 

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