City Installing New LED Streetlights

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The City of Cambridge is implementing major improvements to the existing street lighting system; every City-owned streetlight will be replaced with new LED lights. Over the coming months, Cambridge residents will start to see the old “cobra head” style streetlights systematically replaced with new LED lights.

The most current, energy-efficient technology, combined with careful design and planning, is slated to reduce the City’s annual streetlight energy usage.

Currently, the LED street lights being installed across Cambridge are much brighter than they will be once the new state of the art wireless control system is activated. This lighting control system will adjust the brightness of each light to an appropriate illumination level for its location. However, the system will not be fully activated for a few weeks.

Once the wireless control system installation is complete, most LED street lights will produce only 70% of their current brightness. Additionally, the system is designed so that later in the evening the fixtures will dim even further.

The contractors installing the new LED lights will be working in each City neighborhood on the respective street cleaning days, from June-August.

Visit the Electrical Department’s website for more information, including a video on the new LED lights.

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