Cambridge Police Release Special Report on Crash Calls for Service in 2017

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The Crime Analysis Unit at the Cambridge Police Department has conducted analysis of the crash-related calls for service (Crash CFS) in 2017 in the context of recent years and long-term trends in crashes. Of particular interest is the number of Crash CFS requiring transport to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services (EMS Transport), which is used as a metric to indicate crash-related injuries. This analysis resulted in the following conclusions:

  • The Police Department received and responded to 2,666 Crash CFS in 2017, the lowest number recorded in nearly 20 years. The number of Crash CFS in 2017 falls below expectations, even accounting for a linear decline in Crash CFS from 2000 to 2016.

  • The total number of Crash CFS resulting in an EMS Transport fell to 276 in 2017, the lowest number in 14 years of quality records. The number of EMS Transports fell 17% versus 2016, and 13% versus 2015.

Read the full report. 

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