Visitor Parking Permit

To help mitigate the effect of COVID-19, the City of Cambridge has closed all municipal buildings and asked non-essential staff not to report to the office beginning Tuesday, March 17th until further notice. During this time, parking meter payments will not be required. Additionally, we will continue to honor 2019 Resident and Visitor Parking Permits. All previously scheduled parking ticket hearings have been cancelled. Once City buildings are re-opened, we will begin processing 2020 Parking Permit applications, scheduling parking ticket hearings, and processing ticket disputes.


2020 Parking Permit Renewal Season

We encourage residents to apply online, through our Parking Permit Renewal Website, by March 31. We will continue to honor 2019 permits beyond March 31 so that there is time for 2020 permits to be processed and mailed. Online applications take 3 to 5 weeks to process.

Visit the Parking Permit Renewal Website


Visitor Parking Permits are provided to Cambridge residents for use by their guests to park near residents' homes. When placed on the dashboard, it may be used in locations signed as "Parking by Permit Only" in the geographic area shown on the map on the back of the visitor permit or here. All permits expire the following year on March 31. 

The City of Cambridge does not provide short-term parking permits for summer school students or sub-letters. Individuals seeking on-street parking must meet the eligibility requirements for a resident parking permit

The purpose of the City's Resident Parking regulation is to maximize the availability of parking for Cambridge residents while discouraging long-term parking on residential streets near commercially zoned areas or transportation access points. The rules on the back of the Visitor Parking Permit are strictly enforced.


Each Cambridge household is eligible to receive one Visitor Parking Permit. All outstanding parking tickets in your name must be paid prior to receiving any on-street parking or visitor permits. If you have a car you do not need to apply separately for a Visitor Parking Permit; each household will receive one with the first Resident Parking Permit provided for that household. 

You can find more information on Resident Parking Permits here. 

Please note, residents of dormitories are not eligible for visitor passes.

How to Apply For a Visitor Parking Permit

Permits expire on March 31 and can be renewed starting in January.

Residents who have previously applied for and received either a Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Parking Permit have the option of renewing their permit(s) online. Avoid lines and apply at your own convenience by visiting the Visitor Parking Permit renewal website.

New Visitor Parking Permits may be obtained by mail or in person at our office at 344 Broadway. When submitting your application, please include or bring with you proof of residency and payment (as required, see fee information below). If you are submitting by mail, you will need an application form which can be found here.


  • For households with one or more vehicles, a Visitor Parking Permit will be provided for no extra charge with the Resident Parking Permit (maximum one VPP per household).
  • For household without a vehicle or those who only require a VPP, the price is $25.00.
  • There is no fee for senior citizens (age 65 or older) or persons with disabilities. To waive fee, if you are a senior citizen include proof of age with your application. If you are a person with a disability include a copy of the front and back of your parking placard.
  • For replacement VPP, if one is lost or stolen, the fee is $50.00. Only one replacement permit can be made per year. The resident who received the original Visitor Parking Permit is the only person that may request a replacement.
  • If you move within the City, you must contact us -- a new permit will be required if you move outside of your current visitor permit area. You will need proof of residency for your new address and you must return your previously issued permit to avoid a $50.00 replacement fee when applying for a Visitor Parking Permit for your new location.
Please make any checks payable to the City of Cambridge.