Energy Programs and Projects

FY09-FY13 Energy Efficiency Projects Completed/In Process  (pdf)

                                  Energy Efficiency Projects
     EL = Efficiency lighting & Occupancy Sensors
     HVAC = Upgrade/Replace HVAC
     BMC = Add/Expand Building Management Controls
     Retro = (Re/Retro) Commission
     A/I = Airseal/Insulate
     O = Other
      Building/Facility   EL     HVAC   BMC   Retro   A/I       O 
Area IV Youth Center   x      x     x      x
Baldwin School   x      x     x
Cambridgeport School     x
Cemetery Complex   x      x
City Hall   x
City Hall Annex      x
Coffon Building   x      x      x
DPW Frazier Building   x      x      x 
DPW Ryan Garage   x   x1
DPW Simard Building   x   x1
East Cambridge Fire
House (Engine 3)
Taylor Square Fire
House (Engine 8)
  x       x
Fire Headquarters   x
Frisoli Youth Center   x      x     x
Gately Youth Center   x
Graham & Parks School     x
Haggerty School   x       x     x
High School Field House   x
Kennedy/Longfellow School   x     x
King Amigos School     x 
King Open School     x 
Lombardi Building      x 
Longfellow Building      x      x      x   
Moore Youth Center    x     x 
Morse School   x      x 
Peabody School   x    x     x
Russell Youth Center      x
Robert W. Healy
Public Safety Facility
Senior Center   x       x
Solomons Garage   x  
Tobin School     x
Walter Sullivan Water
Purification Facility2
  x       x     x

                                Non-Building Projects  
  Traffic Signals - Complete conversion of walk signals to LED             x  
  Street Lights - Begin conversion to LED3    x 
1 New, Energy-Star-rated roof
2 Multi-year project includes basic lighting and HVAC efficiency upgrades, water treatment process changes and installation of variable frequency drives, and upgrades to high efficiency boilers
3 Six million dollar project expected to be completed in three years, beginning FY13

Walter J. Sullivan Water Purification Facility
The Walter J. Sullivan Water Purification Facility is the single largest energy user of any individual municipal facility. In FY12, the Water Department completed an intensive energy efficiency audit of the Sullivan Facility. Click here to learn more about the energy use and efficiency programs at the City's water purification plant.

School Facilities
School facilities account for half of the City's total building area and one third of the total energy use. Click here to learn more about the energy use and efficiency projects taking place throughout the Cambridge Public School District.

Renewable Energy
Cambridge has installed a total of over 72 kilowatts (kW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop arrays on five municipal facilities including:
1. Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School (31.36kW)
2. City Hall Annex (26.5kW)
3. Frazier Administration Building (2kW)
4. Frisoli Youth Center (3.26kW)
5. Russell Youth Center (9.26kW)
Planned FY14- Walter J. Sullivan Water Purification Facility (in design for solar PV)
Planned FY16- King School (design plan includes solar PV to support net zero energy/carbon neutral design)

LEED Rated Facilities
Since 2004, the City has operated under the policy that all new construction or major renovations should be designed to be certifiable under the US Green Building Council's LEED rating system. The City of Cambridge currently owns and operates 74 facilities, of which six are LEED certified, and three will be seeking LEED certification.
1. City Hall Annex (LEED-Gold, 2004)
2. Russelll Field, Field House (LEED-NC, 2006)
3. Robert W. Healy Public Safety Facility (LEED-Silver, 2009)
4. Russell Youth Center (LEED-Silver, 2010)
5. Cambridge Main Library (LEED-Silver, 2010)6.
6. War Memorial Recreation Center (LEED-Silver, 2010)
7. Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School (in application for LEED-Silver certification)
Planned FY14-5 Western Avenue (in application for LEED-Silver certification)
Planned FY16- King School (Net zero energy or carbon neutral design)

Fuel-Efficient Fleet
Since 2006, all requested new vehicles must go through a Green Fleet Policy review to address fuel economy and emissions. To date, one third of the City's administrative and light service vehicles are either hybrid (31 vehicles) or plug-in electric (2 vehicles).

City Streetlights
In FY13, the City began to design for the conversion of all citywide street lights to LED technology. The $6 million project is expected to be completed in three years and save an estimated 3,931 MMBtu annually, avoiding $360,000 in energy costs and the emission of 555 tons of CO2e annually.

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