Cemetery FAQ's

Cemetery FAQs

What type of planting can I do on a grave?

You can plant flowers in front of the headstone, out one foot and the width of the stone (no shrubs).  See full planting regulations for more information.

Are there any exceptions to the Cambridge residency rule?

Yes, if the deceased was in a nursing home at the time of death and there last address was in Cambridge before entering the facility than they are eligible for a lot at the Cambridge Cemetery.

Can I purchase a grave if I don't live in Cambridge?

No, we only sell graves at the time of death and the deceased must be a Cambridge resident.

What is the street address of the cemetery?

The cemetery is located at 76 Coolidge Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02138

Is there a separate section for Veterans?

Yes, there is a special veterans' section at the Cemetery.  Authorization to be buried in this section must be confirmed by the City of Cambridge Veterans' Department.

What is the process for installing a monument?

A completed monument form and payment must be submitted.  More information and the monument order form is available online.

Do you have cremation lots?

Yes, cremation lots accommodate two cremation burials and are memorialized by a flat marker.

Does the Cemetery offer a payment plans?

No, all charges must be paid in full at the time of the burial.

Are concrete liners or vaults required for interments at the Cambridge Cemetery?

No, concrete liners or vaults are not required.

Can I purchase a grave before a death occurs?

No, you can only purchase a grave at the time of a death

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