• Lots in the Cambridge Cemetery are not sold for future use.
  • Lots are sold to persons wishing to make arrangements for the immediate burial of a Cambridge resident only.  The only exception to this rule is for lots previously purchased.  In this case the owner of the previously purchased lot can request an interment for anyone, regardless of residency.
  • The purchase price of every interment space and perpetual care on such space must be paid in full before a deed or certificate of ownership is issued, a burial made, or a monument placed.
  • Persons whose names appear on our records as owners are recognized as owners of interment spaces and grantees and other owners are advised to record their ownership immediately with the Superintendent.
  • All owners of interment space are advised to notify us of changes in addresses as all notices are sent to the last addresses on file and shall be conclusively presumed to be sufficient.
  • For the protection of every lot owner, these rules and regulations are hereby adopted as the rules and regulations of the Cambridge Cemetery.  All lots sold shall be subject further to such other rules and regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the City of Cambridge from time to time, and the reference to these rules and regulations in the Deed to Lots shall have the same force and effect as if set forth in full therein.

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