Disinterment Policy

  • All disinterments will be done at a time determined by the Superintendent of the Cemetery and then only during the months of April, May, June, September, October and November.
  • A signed disinterment order by all listed owners of the Lot which is to be opened, plus a permit signed by the Board of Health in Cambridge, must accompany proper payment for all appropriate Cemetery charges.
  • If the next of kin is not listed as one of the owners who has signed for the disinterment, He/She must be made aware of the disinterment and a signature of acknowledgement be acquired.
  • Only remains that are enclosed in a durable concrete enclosure are candidates for disinterment. The Superintendent is the final authority on the candidacy of any disinterment.
  • A licensed funeral director, hired by the person/persons wishing the disinterment, is the only person outside the Vault Company and Cemetery personnel allowed at the disinterment site during the actual process.
  • The Vault Company will perform the actual disinterment. The Cemetery will be responsible for opening the grave and clearing the top and sides of the concrete enclosure as to accommodate the cable used in the disinterment process.
  • The disinterment of Cremains must follow the same procedure, provided the Cremation container is of sufficient integrity and is appropriately marked prior to its interment.

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