HEET Natural Gas Leak Survey

The Cambridge Public Works Department has been working with the natural gas utility companies to replace their aging infrastructure as part of the Public Works Department’s Five Year Plan for road construction. The non-profit group, HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) has completed a study to determine if Cambridge’s collaboration with the utility companies has decreased the number of gas leaks.

In the summer of 2014, a natural gas leak survey was conducted in Cambridge by HEET and Gas Safety Inc.  To collect the gas leak data, a HEET volunteer drove down the Cambridge streets with a GIS-enabled Picarro high precision methane analyzer. The following report and maps are a result of this study.

Squeaky Leak Report from HEET

Natural Gas Leak Map

View the KML files (GIS data files that require Google Earth) below:
Cambridgeport area 
East Cambridge area
Mount Auburn Cemetery area
Porter Square area 

Notes on the KML files - The yellow lines show the streets that the Picarro analyzer traveled down. The yellow mountain peaks are sites where elevated levels of natural gas was discovered.

The gas leaks shown on these maps might have been fixed since then, but if you smell gas at any of these sites (or anywhere else), call the local utility's gas line (800.592.2000) to report it or contact Eversource.   

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