Parks FAQ's

How can I get the park barrels emptied?

Call the Parks Division to report full or over flowing park barrels at 617.349.4885.

How do I go about having park equipment repaired or replaced?

Call the Parks Division directly to report missing or faulty park equipment at 617.349.4885.

Where do I get information regarding the private use of a park?

Please contact Cathy Fosher at 617.349.4885, or email

When are water features turned on and off?

In the spring water features not located on school property is turned on and usually stays on until the weather changes in the fall.  Water features located on school property is turned on at the finish of the school year in June and is shut off at the beginning of the school year in September.

Are there parks where dogs are allowed to run around without a leash?

Yes, check here for more information on legal off-leash areas.

How do I get the dog waste bag dispenser replenished?

Call the Parks Division directly at 617.349.4885.

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