The Solid Waste Division, headed by the Manager of Environmental Services, is comprised of Recycling, Rubbish and Street Cleaning, who work together to improve the cleanliness of the City while increasing recycling and decreasing trash disposal. 

The Recycling Division manages all recycling, composting, and other waste diversion and reduction programs. Recycling manages the curbside collection of recycling, yard waste collection, and curbside composting. The Division maintains a Recycling Center open to Cambridge residents, and businesses/non-profits with 50 or fewer employees. The Division also supports Household Hazardous Waste collection events four times each year in order to divert toxics from the waste stream.

The Rubbish Division plays in important role in maintaining a clean, healthy city through weekly curbside pickup of solid waste from residential areas, public buildings, and schools. The Division also enforces the City's Refuse and Litter Ordinance. These programs support the City’s rodent control, cleanliness and environmental efforts. 

The Street Cleaning Division is responsible for maintaining clean public ways through mechanical street sweeping throughout the city, and a combination of mechanical street and sidewalk sweeping, hand sweeping and litter collection in City Squares every day. Street sweeping, which runs from April through December each year, includes the cleaning of approximately 12,000 street miles and the disposal of over 5,000 tons of street refuse annually. Citywide street sweeping includes twice yearly vacuum sweeping, which improves stormwater quality. The Division also has a power washer which is used to clean public area trash and recycling receptacles, and to operate a graffiti removal program on both public and private property (with owner permission).

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