Private Haulers for Recycling and Trash

Recycling is mandated for all buildings that generate waste in Cambridge. If you have a landlord that provides for trash collection, then they are required by City Ordinance to provide for recycling collection. For more information on landlord responsibilities, see the Cambridge Commercial Recycling Rules & Regulations, Section G titled, Responsibility of Generators of Recyclable Materials. 

Businesses can arrange for curbside service for recycling and trash with one of the licensed haulers in Cambridge, including those listed below. (Residents may contact a hauler as well, for items not accepted at curbside.)  Make sure you understand how your trash collection contract is structured. Separating recyclables from the trash can control costs by reducing dumpster size, weight, and /or collection frequency. Depending on what materials you generate, haulers can provide collection of paper, cardboard, bottles/cans, single stream recycling, shredded paper, electronics, food waste, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, construction & demolition debris and trash.

Company      Phone Web
B-P Trucking  (508) 231-1000
Casella  (978) 535-6312
Charles George Companies     (603) 425-2274
C.L. Noonan Container Service 
(no route service)
(800) 922-8026
D.B.I. Waste Systems, Inc.
(no route service)
(617) 389-9656
Earthworm Inc., The Greater
Boston Recyclers
(617) 628-1844
(recycling only)
EL Harvey & Sons (508) 836-3042
Environmental Operations
Management Services
Recycling, Inc. (E.O.M.S.)
(508) 587-9686
E-Z Disposal Service, Inc.     (617) 567-2524 
JRM Hauling & Recycling Services
(978) 536-2500
Republic Services Inc. (781) 337-9807
Save That Stuff, Inc. (617) 241-9998
Waste Management  (508) 836-5691

5 Things to Know Before You Talk to Your Hauler

  1. All haulers must be licensed to operate in Cambridge, and are required to offer recycling services. 
  2. Who is the main contact at your building / business for this contract?  City Ordinance requires that landlords that provide for trash collection must also provide for recycling.
  3. How is the contract structured?  Separating recyclables from the trash can reduce your bill by reducing dumpster size, weight, or collection frequency. 
  4. If you generate a high volume of paper / cardboard (especially if you bale onsite), you may be able to negotiate low cost service. Remember that markets for recyclables do fluctuate.
  5. You might be able to downsize your trash container to help make space to store recyclables.  Your hauler can make suggestions.

 5 Things to Ask Your Hauler

  1. What do they collect?  How should recyclables be prepared for pickup?
  2. Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for collection?
  3. Do they provide storage containers, what type and size? 
  4. Fees for as-needed vs. regular pickups, different sized containers and total number of containers?
  5. Is a contract necessary? If so, what are the conditions, for what time frame? How to end the contract?

Keep Your Hauler Happy

  1. Follow the recycling instructions from your hauler carefully on how to prepare material.
  2. Be aware of what your hauler considers a contaminate load and how to avoid this.
  3. Let your hauler know as soon as possible about any foreseeable changes in the amount of recyclables produced.
  4. Always keep the recycling containers your hauler picks up in the same location.



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