Single Stream Recycling

Vladimir (left) from the Peabody After School and Jaffrey (right) from the Council on Aging remind you that recycling is easier than ever with the new recycling toters.

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Single stream recycling means no more sorting! With single stream, or "zero-sort" recycling, residents can mix clean bottles, cans, papers, cardboard together in the same recycling bin. All cardboard will be accepted. 

New materials accepted include empty pizza boxes (oil stains OK), large plastics (toys, buckets, laundry baskets), spiral cans (potato chip, nut cans), empty paper coffee cups, frozen food boxes (if it rips) and shredded paper in a clear plastic or paper bag. 

Remember to recycle the right materials to ensure a clean, high quality stream.  No plastic bags, no Styrofoam, no liquids, no food waste, no VCR tapes, no light bulbs, no clothing hangers, no pots and pans and no electronics. These items damage equipment and contaminate other recyclables.

Since November 2010, the City has seen a 12% increase in tons recycled with the new single stream recycling program. Some weeks the increase has been close to 20%! With the big toters, recycling is easier than ever.  The toters fit more, are easy to move to the curb, help reduce litter and clutter of bins on the sidewalk.  The new recycling trucks accept cardboard of all sizes and are safer because the truck empties toters at ground level. 

More recycling saves energy and curbs climate change because recycled products use less energy during manufacturing. It also helps the City save money by controlling disposal costs.  

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