Rodent Control

Can you identify different types of rats?

While rodents are an unavoidable part of life in any city, the City of Cambridge is committed to confronting this problem by:

Sanitation is the single most important factor in controlling rodents. By working together, we can make Cambridge as rodent-free as possible.

"DO" be smart about trash

Correct way to place trash at curb

Do place trash at curb in rodent resistant barrels with tight fitting lids.
Do place them out no earlier than 6pm the night before collection.
Do clean trash storage areas regularly to avoid exposed garbage.

"DON'T" attract rodents

Cover barrels to keep rodents out

Don't put trash out in thin plastic bags (only heavy duty plastic is acceptable).
Don't put trash out later than 7am the morning of collection.
Don't overfill barrels so that lids don't fit.  More tips..

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