In The Garden

Gardening tips

Keep your garden and composter free from rodents:

  1. Maintain the right ratio: your bin should always be 3 parts "browns" to 1 part "greens".
  2. Always cover up food scraps in your composter with leaves, paper towels, or other "brown" carbon materials. 
  3. Rinse out eggshells to avoid odors that can attract rodents. No meat, bones, fat, dairy, or foods cooked with oil or butter
  4. Pick up fallen fruit or garden vegetables.
  5. Keep your composter 1.5 feet from any wall and the area around it free from weeds or tall grass.
  6. Keep your composter moist and active.
  7. Shut the lid tight.
  8. Pick up a free piece of 1/2-inch wire mesh form DPW to place underneath your composter to prevent burrowing.
  9. Put bird food in feeders only and don't overfeed.  Store seeds in containers with tight lids.
  10. Learn more about composting...


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