Dumpster Use - Best Practices

Clean dumpsters don't attract rodents

 To keep rodents out:

  1. Use dumpsters with tight-fitting lids.  Keep lids and doors closed at all times to prevent trash from getting out and rodents from getting in.
  2. Place dumpsters on pavement or concrete, not soil, to prevent rodents from burrowing underneath.
  3. Rodents can enter dumpsters through the 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" inch drain hole usually present in the dumpster rear wall (or side of a compactor). Ask your waste disposal company to put a leak proof drain plug in the dumpster.

To keep waste in:

  1. Choose the right type and size of dumpster for your needs, so it won't overflow or leak.
  2. Clean under and around dumpsters as often as needed, particularly after collection.
  3. Minimize the amount of liquids placed in a dumpster to prevent spills.  Ask your waste disposal company for a dumpster or  compactor that will minimize spillage.
  4. Call your hauler when a dumpster needs cleaning inside.  Do not wash or hose out a dumpster near a catch basin.
  5. Use a chain and lock on the dumpster lid if necessary to prevent scavenging and unauthorized use.

Think recycling
Separating recyclable materials from the trash can control trash costs by reducing dumpster size, weight, and collection frequency.

Businesses should set up recycling service with any hauler licensed to operate in the City, while residents can receive weekly curbside recycling service through the City.

City Ordinance requires that all commercial establishments that generate waste recycle the following materials if they comprise at least 5% of the waste by weight:  asphalt, brick, cardboard; concrete, glass, metal and plastic containers; lead acid batteries, paper; scrap metal; waste oil; wood; and yard waste.

City Ordinance also requires that all dumpsters in Cambridge be licensed by the Inspectional Services Department.

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