The Division's preventive sewer maintenance program includes cleaning approximately 2,000 catch basins annually, routine inspection and flushing of 75 problem pipe lines, and working with food establishments to limit the adverse effects of grease on sewer lines. All of these activities serve to reduce emergency sewer backups and flooding and to protect water quality. The Division also plays a key role in the response to storm events that produce street flooding.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Diagram of sanitary sewer line

Sewer laterals (services) are pipes that carry sanitary sewage from buildings to the City’s sewer mains.  The maintenance and repair of sewer services are the responsibility of the individual property owners.    Learn more

Sewer Division Responsibilities

Inspecting sewer line

The Sewer Division inspects and clears obstructed sewer lines, cleans catch basins, repairs broken lines, works to control sewer odors, and inspects and approves private connections to the public system.    Learn more

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