Construction Permit Application Information

If you are planning to do any type of construction in the public way in Cambridge you must have a permit.  Read below for a brief description of permit types and requirements and click here for the cost of each permit.

If you have any questions about permits, please contact the Permit Administrator at or 617.349.4833.

Contractor Payment Information
A user name and password is required to purchase permits online.

Sidewalk Obstruction (No Excavation)
A sidewalk obstruction permit is required if you are obstructing a sidewalk on a City of Cambridge right-of way.

Excavation and Trench Permit
An excavation and trench permit is required if you are excavating or trenching on private property or a public right-of way in the City of Cambridge.
Crane, Boom and Pump Truck Permit
A crane, boom and pump truck permit is required if you are using a crane, boom truck, boom lift, man lift, lull, scissor lift or pump truck on a City of Cambridge right-of way.

Discharge and Dewatering Permit
This permit is required to regulate any discharges to the municipal stormwater or wastewater system from dewatering or pumping activities, changes in discharges from existing conditions, and the discharge of fats, oils, and grease.

Manhole Opening/Entry Permit
This permit is required of all contractors/consultants who open and/or enter the City of Cambridge's manholes to complete sewer and stormwater inspections.

Temporary Construction Access Permit

Please visit our Permit Webpage or Contractor Resources Webpage for additional information.

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