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The Department of Public Works' Streets and Sidewalks crew gives the Harvard Square Pit a facelift; graffiti removal, missing and broken bricks replaced and new seating installed.

  • Missing & broken bricks & graffiti
  • Broken seating

    2 broken-concrete-seating

  • Broken bench & graffiti removed
  • Measuring for new bench installation
  • Preparing for new bench foundation

    5 Preparing-foundation-

  • Building new brick foundation

    6 Building-the brick foundation

  • Last of four brick foundations built

    7 Building the foundation for new-seating

  • Mixing cement to adhere seating  slab

    8 Preparing-for-seating-surface1

  • Mixing concrete
  • Brick foundations for seating completed

    10 Foundation-for-new-seating-completed

  • Placing seating surfaces

    11 Placing-seating-surface

  • Adjusting and leveling seating

    12 Adjusting_leveling-seating

  • Preparing foundation for last seating surface

    13 Preparing-for-the-last-seating-surface

  • DPW Sidewalk crew discuss work to be done

    2a DPW-Streets-Sidewalk-Crew

  • Work well done by DPW crew-nice job

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