Committee on Public Planting

The Purpose of the Committee on Public Planting is to promote and improve the quality and diversity of public planting throughout all areas of Cambridge.  Specific functions of the committee, in keeping with this purpose, consists of the following:

  1. To advise the City Council, City Manager, Public Works Commissioner, and other appropriate department heads of issues concerning public planting including the effective maintenance of public plantings already in place;
  2. To serve as a resource within the City for programs and ideas consistent with the purposes of the committee;
  3. To review planting plans of all proposals for new public work in the City, primarily to appraise the appropriateness of plants, their placement, and the type of maintenance needed and provided;
  4. To support the role of the City Arborist or Tree Warden with the City.;
  5. To encourage interest in public planting in all neighborhoods of the City; and
  6. To conduct such other activities as are considered appropriate for achieving the basic purpose of the committee.

The Committee on Public Planting usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Department of Public Works, 147 Hampshire Street in the Frazier Building Conference Room.

 Member   Position/Dept. 
 David Lefcourt      City Arborist
 Vacant  CDD
 Catherine Woodbury  DPW Engineer
 Alexandra Lennon-Simon  
 Carolyn Mathews  
 Chantal Eide  
 Cynthia Smith  
 David Davis  Co-Chair
 Denise Heintze  
 E. Thomas Flynn  
 Emily Axelrod  
 Florrie Wescoat  
 Gitte Venicx  
 Janet Burns  
 Johan Paulsson  
 Jonathan Lewis  
 Kathleen Kelly  
 Kathleen Caldara  
 Maggie Booz  
 Michael Hanlon      Co-Chair
 Nancy Philips  
 Paula Cortes  
 Wayne Marshall  




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