Tree Maintenance

Tree pruning

When in doubt, call a certified arborist! Or locate one at

Proper planting and watering can help insure that your new tree does the best that it can. A tree is a long term investment that can raise property values, provide decreased heating and cooling costs by shading your home and the area around it and creating wind screens that help protect your home from cold winter winds.

Do all that you can do to protect the trunks of trees from regular maintenance in your landscape. Mower injury and damage from string trimmers can cause a tree to decline
or die.

Fertilization of trees is sometimes needed. A good way to find out if your soil is deficient of nutrients is to have a soil analysis done and get a recommendation for proper fertilization.

Mulching around the base of trees providing an area two to three feet away from the trunk or more is helpful. Two or Three inches of mulch will help to retain moisture and provide a buffer area between a lawn and the tree trunk. Do not mulch against the trunk of the tree more than one inch as this can promote trunk rot and kill the tree.

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