Urban Forestry Key Initiatives

The Forestry Division strives to maintain and grow a healthy, diverse urban tree canopy. In order to help meet these goals, the Forestry Division has launched initiatives to concentrate resources over the next five (5) years to:

  1. Remove existing stumps and replant these locations
    Involves the removal of 347 stumps to prepare planting sites. See table (PDF) and map for details
  2. Plant new trees in suitable empty tree wellsPotential New Tree Wells
    Involves 411 empty wells/planting sites. See table (PDF) and map for details
  3. Resolve existing tree grate issues throughout the City
    This program currently involves 375 grate locations. See table (PDF) and map for details
    The Division will continue to monitor tree grate issues
  4. Identify potential new tree wells
    During summer 2014, the Forestry Division identified approximately 2,600 potential new tree wells (see image on right) The Forestry Division will continue to identify new potential tree wells over the next several years.

Proposed program milestones:

By end of FY17 (in 2 years)

  • Approximately 341 empty/stump street tree wells are planted. See chart for details
  • All of those tree grates that need immediate attention are addressed.

    By end of FY20 (in 5 years)

  • At least 65% of empty/stump street tree wells have new trees growing within them.
    Included in that percentage—
  • Approximately 80 additional street trees in empty/stump wells are planted.
  • Approximately 185 empty/stump tree wells are planted as part of road reconstruction projects. See City 5 Year Plan and chart for details

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