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Church Street construction

Permitting for certain residential, commercial, and industrial building construction is required by both the Engineering Division and the Inspectional Services Department. If your project includes any of the following work items, a site plan review must be processed by the Engineering staff before a permit can be issued:

  • New buildings or additions greater than 150 square feet
  • Rehabilitation of an industrial/commercial or residential property that is greater than 5,000 square feet
  • Altering/adding roof or foundation drains that discharge into the City’s collection system
  • Abandoning or replacing an existing sanitary sewer or storm water drain
  • Dewatering a site during construction or on a permanent basis
  • Changing the use of the property from residential to another use group
  • Adding new paved areas or modifying the existing grade
  • Constructing a new curb cut or abandoning/modifying an existing curb cut

The Engineering Division reviews sewer and storm water management plans and the impact of private construction on streets, sidewalks and the public right-of-way. Safety and operational issues are reviewed with developers, contractors and consultants during the site plan review process.   See Resources

Crane & Boom-permit for a crane, boom concrete truck involved in right-of-way.
Discharge and Dewatering-permit regulating discharges into sewer and storm water systems.
Excavation & Trench-permit for any excavation in the right-of-way or for any private property trench.
Manhole Entry/Opening-regulates the opening/entering the City's sewer and storm water system.
Temporary Construction Access-permit for temporary access across a public right-of-way to any construction site.

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