Standard Details

The following are standard details for construction of public infrastructure in the City of Cambridge.  Please contact the Information Desk at 617.349.4811 for additional information.

 All Details - PDF Complete Set as of 2/19/2014 (6.1 meg)
 All Details - CAD Format Complete Set as of 2/20/2014 (zip file)

        Single Grate Catch basin (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Double Grate Catch basin (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Drop Inlet Catch basin - Plan (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Drop Inlet Catch basin - Section (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Type 3 and 4 Catch basins (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Doghouse Manhole 1 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Doghouse Manhole 2 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Sump Manhole (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Manhole General Notes (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Box Culvert Section 1 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Box Culvert Section 2 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Storage Tank Section 1 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Storage Tank Section 2 (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Saddle Connection (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Tee Connection (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Chimney Connection (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Flexible Sleeve Connection (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Pipe Connection Materials Table (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Cast-In-Place Field Closure (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Pipe Wall Sleve Closure (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Utility Crossing (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Water Main Crossing (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Trench Detail (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Trench Dam Detail  (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Brick Sidewalk - Plan (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Brick Sidewalk - Section, Asphalt Base (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Brick Sidewalk - Section, Concrete Base (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Curb Section - Bituminous Concrete (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Curb Section - Sloped Granite (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Curb Section - Vertical Granite (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Driveway Apron - Bituminous (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Driveway Apron - Brick (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Driveway Apron - Concrete (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Parking Meter Post Installation (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Sidewalk Expansion Joint (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Trench Patch (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Cold Plane and Overlay Joint (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Full Depth Joint (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Raising of Castings (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Crosswalk Markings (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Raised Crosswalk / Raised Intersection (pdf) (CAD Format)

    Common Manhole Separation
        Storm Drain Bypass (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Sanitary Bypass (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Convert to Drain Manhole (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Convert to Sanitary Manhole (pdf) (CAD Format)
        End of Line Manhole (pdf) (CAD Format)

    Traffic Management
        Pedestrian Bypass (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Cyclist Accommodations  (pdf)
        Single Lane Closure (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Interior Lane Closure (pdf) (CAD Format)
        One-Lane Bi-Directional (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Two-Way Alternating Traffic (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Two-Way Lane Shift (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Signage Chart (pdf) (CAD Format)
        General Notes / Legend (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Tree Details 2016.03.08 (pdf) 
        02910 Tree Planting Cambridge 2016 (pdf) 
        Chapter 90 02910 Tree Planting 2016 (pdf) 

    Erosion Control
        Construction Best Management Practices  (pdf)
        Catch Basin Protection 1 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Catch Basin Protection 2 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Catch Basin Protection 3 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Catch Basin Protection 4 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Catch Basin Protection 5 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Construction Entrance  (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Erosion and Sediment Control Notes (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Fiber Role Temporary Stockpile Protection (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Silt Fence (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Super Silt Fence (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Boundary Monument (pdf) (CAD Format)

        Chain Link Fence 1 (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Chain Link Fence 2  (pdf) (CAD Format

        Wire Fabric Detail (pdf) (CAD Format)
        Epoxy Dowell Detail (pdf) (CAD Format)


These Standard Specifications, Guidelines, and Standard Details have been prepared as a service and accommodation to City staff, engineers, developers, utility companies, contractors, and/or other interested parties doing work in the City of Cambridge, MA. The information is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate at the time of its preparation and is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied. It is not intended to be site or project specific, and the user is advised to exercise appropriate engineering and construction judgment, knowledge, and experience in applying all or a portion of these documents for a specific project. Where necessary, additional engineering, construction, legal, or other expert support may be required and should be sought.

The City of Cambridge assumes no responsibility or liability associated with the use or intended use of these documents. The use of these documents shall in no way relieve the user of its responsibility in performing to the applicable standard of care in preparing, applying, and implementing such documents.

It should be understood that these documents are not intended to address all possible areas/types of construction within Cambridge. Any deviations, changes, modifications, revisions, or supplemental documents shall be reviewed by Cambridge Department of Public Works Engineering Division prior to construction.

The user shall be responsible for verifying the most recent version of these documents prior to such use.

These documents shall only be used on a City of Cambridge project, as applicable. Any use or misuse of these documents is subject to legal enforcement/action by the City of Cambridge.


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