Preparing for a Flood - Post Flood Clean Up

flooding in Cambridge


Heavy and flash rains can cause flooding in areas throughout the City that normally do not experience flooding. Residents should be proactive in protecting their properties from potential floods by following these simple steps: 

    1.  If you do not have a sump pump, have a floor pump readily available, 
    2.  Ensure that gutters and downspouts are working properly and are directed away from foundations, do not direct flood waters onto your neighbors property,
    3.  Seal all known cracks where water can enter the property and protect low areas with sand bags if necessary, and
    4.  To the extent possible raise all valuable items above flood levels where flooding has previously occurred.
Read  Flooding: Is Your Property Protected? 

For additional information on cleaning up after a flood and for additional steps to take to protect your property from floods in the future see the following helpful links:

American Red Cross
Cambridge Health Alliance - Flooding Information for Residents and Businesses

If you need immediate assistance with housing or other social service needs, please call '211'.  See for more information.

Please contact the Sewer Maintenance Division at 617.349.4861 or email
for any issue regarding sewer backup or flooding problems.

For questions regarding the disposal of flood-damaged items, please call Public Works at 617.349.4800 or visit the Recycling and Trash web page.


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