Guests Attending Events at Residents' Homes

If you are a Cambridge resident hosting a one-day event at your house and need parking for your guests you may request "parking consideration." Consideration means that on the date and time of your event Resident Permit Parking restrictions will not be enforced near your residence so that guests can park without a Visitor Parking Permit. Parking consideration is provided only in Resident Permit Parking areas. All other restrictions, including payment at meters, will continue to be enforced. 

Requests must be submitted at least one business day in advance. Requests must include applicant's name, street and email addresses, telephone number and description, location, date and hours of your event. After you apply, we will respond via email with a PDF copy of your permit. If your approved permit is for less than 10 vehicles, please print and have your guests place a copy of the permit on their dashboards, if at all possible. Please contact us with any questions.

Click here for Parking Consideration Form.