Moving Vans, Containers and Crates

The City provides permits to make sure you have a reserve parking space(s) in front of or near your residence for a moving van or moving crates or containers.  City staff will post signs at the requested location of your move. Permits can only be posted in front of your residence and cannot be posted in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities, across driveways, within ten feet of a fire hydrants or in locations posted no parking or no stopping.

You must apply for your permit at least seven days in advance of the permit start date. This advance notice is necessary to allow the City time to review and approve your application and prepare and post signs at least 48 hours before your move to allow people time to move vehicles parked at the permitted location.

If you cannot apply by this deadline, we recommend that you park your or a friend's vehicle in front of your residence to save space for your moving van if that is possible. You are not required you to apply for a permit to park your moving van on the street. However, we strongly encourage you to do so in order to make sure you have a place to park your moving van. Parking permits are required for moving containers and crates. 

Information about how to apply and fees is available at the Moving Van and Moving Container/Crate pages of our website.