People Visiting Residents at Their Homes


Each Cambridge household is eligible for one Visitor Parking Permit so guests can park near their homes. These permits allow guests to park their non-commercial vehicles near the resident's home in "Permit Parking Only" locations within the area shown on the map on the back of the permit. To ensure Visitor Parking Permits are not used for commuting or to park vehicles in violation of Resident Parking Permit requirements, use of these permits is limited as follows:

  • Visitor Parking Permits are for the use of out-of-town guests and cannot be used on vehicles owned by Cambridge residents.
  • A vehicle can be parked for up to 24 hours at the same location. After 24 hours vehicles must be moved to a new location to avoid receiving a storage ticket.
  • Permits cannot be used on the same vehicle for more than 3 days within a week defined as Monday at 12:01 AM to Saturday at 11:59 PM.
  • Permit use is monitored and recorded on handheld computers used by Parking Control Officers. Patterns of excessive use on the same vehicle will result in ticketing and revocation.
  • Permits cannot be used on taxicabs or oversized vehicles.

Residents may request an exception to the 3 day maximum for visitors staying for up to two weeks by applying online for parking consideration using the link at the bottom of this page. Residents will need to provide their name, email and street addresses and their guest's name and vehicle information. The requirement that vehicles not stay in the same space for more than 24 hours still applies.