Passport Pay by Phone


Passport is an easy and convenient way to pay for metered parking using a mobile phone or web browser. Drivers in the City of Cambridge can use the PassportParking App to pay for parking at all of the on-street metered parking spaces, and off-street municipal parking lots in the City. Passport allows users to pay for parking with their smart phone instead of having to pay with quarters at the meter. The PassportParking App also provides users the ability to extend their parking time remotely, up to the maximum time allowed on the posted parking regulation signs.

When using Passport, you can:

  • Monitor how much time is left on your session.Passport Pay by Phone App Screenshot
  • Receive mobile alerts 10 minutes prior to your time expiring.
  • Extend your parking time remotely, up to the maximum time allowed on the posted signs.
  • Note: There is a $0.50 fee associated with a transaction when using PassportParking. You will see the parking fee breakdown on the session confirmation screen when you are prompted to confirm your parking session. 
  • To use Passport instead of quarters at the meter, enter your license plate number and zone number into the PassportParking App or mobile website. You can find your zone number on the Passport sign or on the sticker attached to the meter where you are parked. You will then be prompted to choose your length of stay up to the maximum time allowed for the parking meter zone. Within any given parking meter zone, you may not park for more than the defined maximum time limit, even if your vehicle is moved between spaces within that zone. Paying with the PassportParking App, and then by coins at the meter, without moving outside the zone is also prohibited.

    To sign up, or access your Passport account, please visit or download the PassportParking App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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