Street Cleaning

Street sweeper
  • The Cambridge Department of Public Works (DPW) sweeps each street once per month from April through December. Click here to visit the DPW street cleaning web page.
  • Anyone can sign up for email street cleaning reminders. Click here to sign up for E-line email street cleaning notifications through the Cambridge Alert Network.
  • Signs are posted on each residential street indicating the street cleaning schedule.  The posted signs on each street are the legal precedent for when a vehicle would be ticketed and towed for a street cleaning violation.  Please be sure to check the signs on the street you are parked to avoid being ticketed and towed.  You can check the City's street sweeping district maps to see what streets are included in a particular district.
  • You must move your car off of the side of the street being swept to avoid being ticketed and towed.
  • Street cleaning does not take place on holidays. If your posted street cleaning day falls on a holiday, your street will be cleaned on an alternate day either before or after the regularly scheduled day. Check the street cleaning schedule for alternate street sweeping days.
  • You should not park on the street until after the posted end time on the street sweeping sign. The sweeper may go by for a second pass. Also, the City may perform catch basin cleaning during the same posted time in order to avoid additional parking disruptions.
  • Cars parked during times posted for street cleaning will be ticketed by the Cambridge Police Department and towed by a private tow company under contract with the City. If your car gets towed, use this form to do a search to find out to where it has been towed. If you cannot find your vehicle using this search tool, contact the Police Department at (617) 349-3300.