Tool Trucks

A Tool Truck Permit reserves space for a specified length of time to park contractors' vehicles while doing construction in Cambridge. City staff will post signs at the requested location for your construction truck once your permit application has been approved and paid for. Permits can only be posted in front of your work area and cannot be posted in front of neighboring residences, in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities, across driveways, within ten feet of a fire hydrant or locations posted no parking or no stopping. Contractors may park vehicles with commercial license plates in Permit Parking Only locations for up to three days without a permit when making a short-term repair at a resident's home. A Visitor Parking Permit is not required.

This policy is to allow a resident to get emergency, short duration repairs done easily – for example repair a broken toilet or heating system, install a washing machine, resolve an electrical malfunction, etc. Any project that will last more than three days requires a tool truck permit beginning with the first day of the project.

How to Apply

Permit applications must be submitted and paid for at least 7 calendar days (one week) before the installation date. For example, an application for a Tuesday permit must be submitted and paid for by 11:59 pm on the previous Tuesday. This requirement allows time to approve the application and post signs 48 hours in advance so that people can move vehicles parked at permitted locations. To apply, please use the online application at the bottom of this page or come to our office at 344 Broadway.

  • To reserve space at a metered location, you must select the meter numbers from the dropdown on the permit application.To see the specific location of meters on a map, click here.
  • When applying online, after clicking the submit permit application button, you should be prompted to pay for your permit.  If you do not see the payment screen or you cannot complete your payment, please call our office at (617) 349-4721. Your application will not be processed by our staff until payment is received. 
  • Once approved, we will email your permit to you. In some instances emails will end up in spam or junk folders. Please check all email folders for your permit. If you do not receive your permit, please contact our office.


  • Application Fee: $100.00
  • Weekly Fee: $50.00 per week per 20 feet of space requested, plus meter fee ($10.00/day/meter) if applicable
  • Construction Truck permits cannot be paid for online. Call us at (617) 349-4721 to pay by credit card or come to our office to pay by credit card, check or cash.

Other Information

  • If the signs we have posted for your permit are torn down, please contact us right away.
  • If a vehicle is parked in the space posted for your truck, please contact the Cambridge Police Department by following the instructions on your permit.
  • You must make provisions for pedestrian safety and/or emergency vehicles when necessary.
  • Vehicles cannot be left on the street overnight and must be temporarily relocated to accommodate street cleaning and plowing during declared snow emergencies.
  • Permits cannot be modified after signs have been posted unless due to extreme weather conditions. If you need to request a posting modification after signs are posted, the City cannot provide a refund and you must reapply and pay for a new permit.
  • The City of Cambridge retains the right to revoke or deny street occupancy permits at any time for reasons including, but not limited to the following: non-compliance of any state law, City Ordinance, failure to comply with the above guidelines or failure to make payments.
  • All City permits are subject to review and can be revoked at any time per order of the Traffic, Parking & Transportation Director.