Permits for Individuals Moving Into Cambridge

If you just moved to Cambridge and are in the process of changing your registration to Cambridge, you may apply for a temporary parking permit. To apply, you must bring a lease or other proof of residency along with your vehicle registration to our office. You may purchase a one week (instate vehicle) or two week (out of state vehicle) permit that will allow you to park in posted residential parking areas while you change your registration to Cambridge. You will be charged the temporary resident parking permit fee for this permit. Please note: in order to be eligible for a Temporary Visitor Pass, you must meet the requirements for a Resident Visitor Pass. Please review those requirements here. 

If you are borrowing a vehicle for the purpose of moving to the City of Cambridge, or have a friend or relative using their vehicle to help you move, you may apply for a Temporary Visitor Pass.  This pass is valid for up to three days, and may only be used in locations signed as "Permit Parking Only," within a specific geographic area. The pass may not be used to park in any single spot for more than 24 hours and may not be renewed. You will be charged a fee of $10 for this permit. To apply, bring a lease or other proof of residency, along with the vehicle registration to this office.

Please note: you cannot submit an application for a temporary parking permit more than two days prior to the start of the lease or actual move in date. If you have additional questions about this process, please call us at 617-349-4700. 

Visit our Resident Parking Permit web page for information about eligibility, fees and how to apply.

If you are currently a resident with a Resident Parking Permit and/or Visitor Pass, and need information on renting or borrowing vehicles, please click here for more information.

For information relating to moving vans or trucks, please visit our Permits web page.