The Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department (TP&T) is responsible for enforcing the City's Traffic Regulations. The City's Enforcement staff of 33 Officers and 2 Supervisors patrol the City every day except Sundays and Commonwealth of Massachusetts legal holidays.

While patrolling their routes, our Officers' priorities include enforcing:

  1. Public safety regulations including No Stopping, Fire Hydrant and Fire Lane violations and parking within 20 feet of an intersection to ensure access for emergency response vehicles and visibility for drivers and pedestrians as they walk and drive through the City.
  2. Resident parking regulations to discourage long-term parking in residential areas adjacent to or near commercially zoned areas or transportation access points in order to provide parking for residents near their homes.  
  3. Expired parking meter and overtime meter violations to ensure that spaces turn over so that customers can park near Cambridge businesses they want to visit. 
  4. Crosswalk, sidewalk, disability ramp and handicap ramp violations so that the general public including persons with disabilities can safely make their way through the City.
  5. Bicycle lane, loading zone and double stopping violations so that people on bicycles and driving vehicles can safely maneuver on City streets.
  6. Taxi stand and bus stop violations so that people can safely find and access alternative transportation.
  7. Street cleaning and snow emergency violations so that the City can keep the streets clear of debris and snow so people can park and drive safely on City streets.

Click here for information about how to request parking enforcement. Click here for more information about specific traffic violations.