Booted Vehicles

Why Was My Vehicle Booted?

Your vehicle is eligible to be booted when you have five or more unpaid parking tickets all of which are over 21 days old.

How to Have a Boot Removed from a Vehicle

In order to have the boot removed from a vehicle, all tickets and fees under the name of the vehicle's owner must be paid. Payment can be made at the Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department's Office at 344 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139 during regular business hours: Monday 8:30AM to 8:00PM, Tuesday through Thursday 8:30AM to 5PM, Friday 8:30AM to noon. Acceptable payment is credit card, cash or bank check (no personal checks).

To pay by phone call (617) 491-7277. You will need at least one of your violation numbers from your parking tickets. Once in the system, select option three to pay off all of your tickets at once.  You must call the Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department Office once payment is made at (617) 349-4700 to have the boot removed.

Fees Incurred When a Vehicle is Booted

Boot fee is $45.00; storage fee of $20 per day will be assessed by the City at 12:00 AM each day beginning on day one.

Your vehicle will be towed after 3 days if payment is not made by that time, or immediately, if the total owed in unpaid parking violations exceeds $1000.00. If towed, you will also be responsible for the tow charge and storage fee assessed by the tow company. Click here for information about towed vehicles.