Towed Vehicles

The three most common reasons a vehicle is towed are:

  1. Street Cleaning, April 1 - December 31
  2. Emergency Temporary "No Parking" signs posted 24 - 48 hours in advance for: moving vans, general construction work, street repairs, dumpsters, special events, etc.
  3. Snow Emergencies, when declared.

Locating Towed Vehicles

To determine the location to which your vehicle has been towed click here or call the Cambridge Police Department at (617) 349-3300. Please have your license plate number available.

Tow Fees

In order to retrieve your vehicle, you must pay the required fee to the tow company at its lot:
  • Basic tow (vehicles up to 10,000 lbs.) - $100.00
  • Vehicles over 10,000 lbs. and up to 18,000 lbs. - $110.00
  • Vehicles over 18,000 lbs. - $270.00
  • Storage fee per day - $37.50
  • Basic tow charge for all motor vehicles during a snow emergency - $120.00
Tow companies accept payment by cash, credit card or guaranteed check.

The tow companies under contract with the city are B & B Tow and Phil's Tow.

How to Submit Tow Disputes

If you believe your vehicle was invalidly towed, you may file a dispute by clicking here

You will need the following information:

  • Ticket number 
  • Vehicle registration number (license plate)
  • Name and address
  • The reason for the dispute 
  • A daytime phone number
  • An email address

This form will allow you to upload supporting documentation (2 files; either jpg or tif), which must include a receipt proving payment for the tow fees and a copy of the parking ticket received when your vehicle was towed. Enter the ticket number as it appears on the ticket, do not include spaces or hyphens. When entering your vehicle registration you must enter your two-digit state code before the plate number. 

The dispute will be reviewed and a decision will be mailed to you within 4 weeks.

You may also mail or deliver your tow dispute and/or receipt proving payment for the tow fees and a copy of the parking ticket to:

Attn: Tow Disputes
Traffic Parking & Transportation Department
City of Cambridge
344 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tow receipts and a copy of the parking ticket may also be sent to the attention of tow Disputes via fax at (617) 349-4747.

Tow Company Complaints

Complaints about the tow company should be directed to the company that towed your car. A copy of your complaint should also be sent to Purchasing Agent, Cambridge City Hall, 795 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139.