Permits for Residents Renting or Borrowing Vehicles

If you are a Cambridge resident with a current Resident or Visitor Parking Permit and you are renting or borrowing a vehicle for less than 30 days because your vehicle is being repaired, you may apply for a temporary resident parking permit. In this situation the vehicle does not have to be registered or garaged in Cambridge and there is no fee for the temporary permit. You must rent the vehicle in your name. In order to receive a temporary permit, please bring the following documents with you: proof of residency, car lease or rental agreement (if the car is rented or leased), registration (if the car is borrowed). 

If you are borrowing a vehicle for the purpose of moving to the City of Cambridge, or have a friend or relative using their vehicle to help you move, please click here for Temporary Visitor Permit information.  

Please note: you cannot submit an application for a temporary parking permit more than two days prior to the start of the lease or actual move in date. If you have additional questions about this process, please call us at 617-349-4700. Temporary permits must be obtained in person at the Department of Traffic, Parking & Transportation's offices at 344 Broadway.