Flooding: Is Your Property Protected?

As you may know, there are many properties in the Cambridge area that as susceptible to the impacts of flooding particularly those properties with basement spaces and first levels at a lower elevation.

Unfortunately, the risk of flooding is increasing, as the impacts of climate change lead to more frequent and intense rainfall events.  For more information about climate change as it relates to Cambridge, please visit our website at cambridgema.gov/climateprep.

Our hope is that the enclosed information will allow you to take the necessary steps to help reduce the damage caused by flooding and will make the cleanup process easier.  Whether renovating an existing basement, building new construction, or simply wanting to safeguard your home from the potential impacts of climate change, this information will help guide you.

While change remains an inevitable process, we are hoping to provide you with the right tools to understand your risk of flooding and what actions may be taken to protect your property.

Information Guide - Flooding: Protect Your Property - September 2016

Flooding:  Is Your Property Protected?

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