New Materials—August 2019—Main Library
Fiction Audiobooks
Call Number Artist Title
BOP FICTION Wallace, David Foster      David Foster Wallace Infinite jest
CDB FICTION Baker, Chandler      Chandler Baker Whisper network
CDB FICTION Brown, Sandra      Sandra Brown Outfox : a novel
CDB FICTION Center, Katherine      Katherine Center Things you save in a fire
CDB FICTION Coben, Harlan      Harlan Coben Don't Let Go
CDB FICTION Coulter, Catherine      Catherine Coulter Labyrinth
CDB FICTION Crais, Robert      Robert Crais A dangerous man
CDB FICTION Delaney, J P      JP Delaney The perfect wife : a novel
CDB FICTION Ephron, Hallie      Hallie Ephron Careful what you wish for : a novel
CDB FICTION Folarin, Tope      Tope Folarin A Particular Kind of Black Man
CDB FICTION Gaynor, Hazel      Hazel Gaynor Meet me in Monaco : a novel
CDB FICTION Gregory, Philippa      Philippa Gregory Tidelands
CDB FICTION Koch, Herman      Herman Koch The ditch
CDB FICTION Lagercrantz, David      David Lagercrantz The girl who lived twice
CDB FICTION Lapena, Shari      Shari Lapeña Someone we know : a novel
CDB FICTION McKinty, Adrian      Adrian McKinty The chain
CDB FICTION Miranda, Megan      Megan Miranda The last house guest : a novel
CDB FICTION Obreht, Tea      Téa Obreht Inland : a novel
CDB FICTION Orringer, Julie      Julie Orringer The flight portfolio : a novel
CDB FICTION Patterson, James     James Patterson The inn
CDB FICTION Russo, Richard      Richard Russo Chances are... : a novel
CDB FICTION Vonnegut, Kurt      Kurt Vonnegut Galápagos
CDB FICTION Ware, Ruth      Ruth Ware The turn of the key
CDB FICTION White, Susan Rebecca      Susan Rebecca White We are all good people here
CDB FICTION Woods, Stuart      Stuart Woods Contraband
CDB FICTION Zink, Nell      Nell Zink Doxology : a novel
CDB MYSTERY Box, C J      C J Box The bitterroots : a novel
CDB MYSTERY Penny, Louise      Louise Penny A better man : a novel
CDB MYSTERY Robb, J D      J D Robb Vendetta in death
Non-Fiction Audiobooks
Call Number Artist Title
BOP 791.4502 Noah      Trevor Noah Born a crime : stories from a South African childhood
CDB 006.7876 Meinzer      Kristen Meinzer So you want to start a podcast : finding your voice, telling your story, and building a community that will listen : 7 steps to take you from idea to hit show
CDB 158.1 Power      Marianne Power Help Me!
CDB 306.7082 Taddeo      Lisa Taddeo Three women
CDB 324.973 Mueller      Robert S Mueller The Mueller report
CDB 332.024 Bach      David Bach The latte factor : why you don't have to be rich to live rich
CDB 363.1799 Higginbotham      Adam Higginbotham Midnight in Chernobyl : the story of the world's greatest nuclear disaster
CDB 940.5318 Pilecki      Jack Fairweather The volunteer : one man, an underground army, and the secret mission to destroy Auschwitz
CDB 973.933 Reid      Joy-Ann Lomena Reid The man who sold America : Trump and the unraveling of the American story
[Great Courses] CDB 294.3 Great      Malcolm David Eckel Great World Religions : Buddhism. Part I
[Great Courses] CDB 810.9 Classics      Arnold Weinstein Classics of American literature
[Great Courses] CDB 939.2 Great      Kenneth W Harl Great ancient civilizations of Asia Minor