New Materials—August 2019
Central Square Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Beck, Haylen      Haylen Beck Lost you : a novel
FICTION Bushnell, Candace      Candace Bushnell Is there still sex in the city?
FICTION Buxton, Kira Jane      Kira Jane Buxton Hollow kingdom : a novel
FICTION Center, Katherine      Katherine Center Things you save in a fire
FICTION Clark, Martin      Martin Clark The substitution order
FICTION Dukess, Karen      Karen Dukess The last book party : a novel
FICTION Gregor, James      James Gregor Going Dutch : a novel
FICTION Gregory, Philippa      Philippa Gregory Tidelands
FICTION Higgins, Kristan      Kristan Higgins Life and other inconveniences
FICTION Jackson, Joshilyn      Joshilyn Jackson Never have I ever : a novel
FICTION Johnston, Scott      Scott Johnston Campusland
FICTION Klosterman, Chuck      Chuck Klosterman Raised in captivity : fictional nonfiction
FICTION Littlefield, Sophie      Sophie Littlefield That's what frenemies are for : a novel
FICTION Lutz, Lisa      Lisa Lutz The swallows : a novel
FICTION Mason, Jamie      Jamie Mason The hidden things
FICTION McQuiston, Casey      Casey McQuiston Red, white & royal blue
FICTION North, Alex      Alex North The whisper man
FICTION Ogawa, Yoko      Yōko Ogawa The memory police : a novel
FICTION Orenstein, Hannah      Hannah Orenstein Love at first like
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson The inn
FICTION Powers, Richard      Richard Powers The overstory : a novel
FICTION Prior, Hazel      Hazel Prior Ellie and the harpmaker
FICTION Rai, Alisha      Alisha Rai The right swipe : a novel
FICTION Russo, Richard      Richard Russo Chances are...
FICTION Smith, Sarah      Sarah Smith Marilou is everywhere
FICTION Tokarczuk, Olga      Olga Tokarczuk Drive your plow over the bones of the dead
FICTION Waxman, Abbi      Abbi Waxman The bookish life of Nina Hill
FICTION Woods, Stuart      Stuart Woods Contraband
FICTION Zentner, Alexi      Alexi Zentner Copperhead
GRAPHIC Walking v32 Robert Kirkman The walking dead. Volume 32 Rest in peace
MYSTERY Penny, Louise      Louise Penny A better man : a Chief Inspector Gamache novel
SCI FIC Kuang, R. F.      R F Kuang The dragon republic
SCI FIC Lee, Yoon Ha      Yoon Ha Lee Hexarchate stories
SCI FIC Moreno-Garcia, Silvia      Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gods of jade and shadow
[PB] ROMANCE A      Ilona Andrews Sapphire flames
[PB] ROMANCE J      Lisa Jackson Left for Dead (Original)
[PB] ROMANCE M        Forever and a day
[PB] ROMANCE M      Lindsay McKenna Wind River protector
LP Whitehead, Colson      Colson Whitehead The Nickel boys : a novel
Call Number Author Title
006.7 Meinzer      Kristen Meinzer So you want to start a podcast : finding your voice, telling your story, and building a community that will listen
153.9 Robson      David G Robson The intelligence trap : why smart people make dumb mistakes
155.333 Steinke      Darcey Steinke Flash count diary : menopause and the vindication of natural life
248.8609 McLeod      Pat McLeod Hit hard : one family's journey of letting go of what was--and learning to live well with what is
289.9209 Scorah      Amber Scorah Leaving the witness : exiting a religion and finding a life
302.231 McCulloch      Gretchen McCulloch Because internet : understanding the new rules of language
305.42 Goldberg      Carrie Goldberg Nobody's victim : fighting psychos, stalkers, pervs, and trolls
305.8009 Kendi      Ibram X Kendi How to be an antiracist
364.163 Williams      Rachel DeLoache Williams My friend Anna : the true story of the fake heiress
641.5 Risbridger      Ella Risbridger Midnight chicken : (& other recipes worth living for)
641.862 Malek      Tyler Malek Salt & Straw ice cream cookbook
818.602 Carroll      E Jean Carroll What do we need men for? : a modest proposal
973.93 Tolentino      Jia Tolentino Trick mirror : reflections on self-delusion
[Career] 650.14 Bolles      Richard Nelson Bolles What color is your parachute?
[Test] PROF/VOC EMT Petersons        Master the EMT-basic certification exam.
LP 977 McCullough, David David G McCullough The pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal West
Call Number Author Title
BOP J CHO      Roshani Chokshi Aru Shah and the end of time
BOP J LEE      Yoon Ha Lee Dragon pearl
BOP J OPP      Kenneth Oppel Inkling
BOP J SLO      Holly Goldberg Sloan To night owl from dogfish
BOP J STI      R L Stine Escape From Shudder Mansion
CDB J LOV      Damien Love Monstrous devices
DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Author Title
BLU 940.3 THE        They shall not grow old
BLU AVE   Avengers. Endgame
BLU BAT   Batman. Hush
BLU BRI   Brightburn
BLU GOD   Godzilla. King of the monsters
BLU LIT   Little
BLU LON   Long shot
BLU POK   Pokémon Detective Pikachu
BLU SEC   Secret life of pets 2
BLU TOL   Tolkien
DVD 782.25 AMA        Amazing grace
DVD 940.3 THE        They shall not grow old
DVD AME 2        American gods. Season 2.
DVD AVE   Avengers. Endgame
DVD BAT        Batman: Hush
DVD BEA        The beach bum
DVD BRI        Brightburn
DVD DRU        Drunk parents
DVD GOD        Godzilla: King of the Monsters
DVD HIG        High life
DVD LIT        Little Woods
DVD LON   Long shot
DVD MAY 1        Mayans M.C.. The complete first season.
DVD OUT 4        Outlander. Season four
DVD POK        Pokémon Detective Pikachu
DVD SOU        The souvenir
DVD SUN        The sun is also a star
DVD WHI   The white crow
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Fiction] COL Marcie Colleen Staying a hive
J [Fiction] COL Marcie Colleen Super Happy Party Bears : going nuts
J [Fiction] COL Marcie Colleen Super Happy Party Bears : gnawing around
J [Fiction] COL Marcie Colleen Knock knock on wood
J [Fiction] CRE Sharon Creech Saving Winslow
J [Fiction] ELL Zetta Elliott Dragons in a bag
J [Fiction] FAR Saadia Faruqi Yasmin in charge
J [Fiction] GON Saraí González Sarai and the around the world fair
J [Fiction] GON Saraí González Sarai saves the music
J [Fiction] GON Saraí González Sarai in the spotlight
J [Fiction] HAM Rachel Hamilton Louie lets loose!
J [Fiction] HER   The hero next door
J [Fiction] JON Pip Jones The invisible cat meets mad Nana Dot
J [Fiction] KES Liz Kessler The tail of Emily Windsnap
J [Fiction] KHA Hena Khan Power forward
J [Fiction] KIE Celine Kiernan Begone the raggedy witches
J [Fiction] KLA Ellen Klages Out of left field
J [Fiction] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Sleepover scientist
J [Fiction] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Dancing queen
J [Fiction] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Rock star
J [Fiction] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Class act
J [Fiction] MAG Diane Magras The hunt for the Mad Wolf's daughter
J [Fiction] MAG Diane Magras The Mad Wolf's daughter
J [Fiction] ORR Wendy Orr Swallow's dance
J [Fiction] PRI Elise Primavera Marigold Star
J [Fiction] ROT Jonathan Roth Double trouble
J [Fiction] ROT Jonathan Roth Too much space!
J [Fiction] ROT Jonathan Roth Party crashers
J [Fiction] ROT Jonathan Roth Take us to your sugar
J [Fiction] SAG Angie Sage Flyte
J [Fiction] SCH Adam P Schmitt Speechless
J [Fiction] SMI Alex T Smith Mr. Penguin and the lost treasure
J [Fiction] WAR Sally Warner Absolutely Alfie and the princess wars
J [Fiction] WIL Margery Williams Bianco The velveteen rabbit, or, How toys become real
J [GRAPHIC] Breakaways Cathy G Johnson The breakaways
J [GRAPHIC] Camp Kayla Miller Camp
J [GRAPHIC] Dog Man v7 Dav Pilkey Dog Man : for whom the ball rolls
J [GRAPHIC] Dragon Slayer      Jaime Hernandez The dragon slayer : folktales from Latin America
J [Holiday] REY     H A Rey Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George
J [Beginning] EMB   Rebecca Emberley Mice on ice
J [Beginning] FAR Saadia Faruqi Yasmin the superhero
J [Beginning] FAR Saadia Faruqi Yasmin the painter
J [Beginning] FAR Saadia Faruqi Yasmin the builder
J [Beginning] LIG Laura Driscoll Louise and the class pet
J [Beginning] MIL David Milgrim See Pip flap
J [Beginning] MON F N Monjo The drinking gourd : a story of the underground railroad
J [Beginning] TAB Corey R Tabor Fox the tiger
J [SP Fiction] GON Saraí González Sarai en primer plano
J [SP Fiction] GON      Saraí González Saraí salva la música
J [SP Fiction] GON      Saraí González Saraí y el significado de lo genial
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ARC Micha Archer Daniel's good day
J [Picture] CAR Eric Carle A house for Hermit Crab
J [Picture] COO Julia Cook Bubble Gum Brain : ready, get mindset ... grow!
J [Picture] FOG Julie Fogliano If I was the sunshine
J [Picture] LEE Mark Lee What kind of car does a T. Rex drive?
J [Picture] MAR Ernesto Javier Martínez Cuando amamos cantamos = when we love someone we sing to them
J [Picture] MOR Jackie Morris Mrs Noah's pockets
J [Picture] NOA Polly Noakes Hide and seek
J [Picture] PAW   PAW Patrol on the roll!
J [Picture] PAW   Sea Patrol to the rescue!
J [Picture] PAW   Pup-fu power!
J [Picture] PAW Mickie Matheis PAW Patrol. Save the school bus!
J [Picture] PAW   Pups to the rescue!
J [Picture] PAW Casey Neumann Chase's loose tooth
J [Picture] SES Bobbi Jane Kates We're different, we're the same
J [Picture] SMI Bryan Smith Of course it's a big deal! : a story about learning to react calmly and appropriately
J [Picture] SMI Alex T Smith Little Red and the very hungry lion
J [Picture] SMI Bryan Smith Time to get started : a story about learning to take initiative
J [Picture] THO Blair Thornburgh Skulls!
J [Picture] VAN Muon Van Clever little witch
J [Picture] VER Susan Verde Hey, wall : a story of art and community
J [Board]      Tad Hills Duck & Goose, how are you feeling?
J [Board]      Eric Hill Happy New Year, Spot!
J [SP Picture] DOM María Domínguez Estrella de fútbol = soccer star
J [SP Picture] DOM      María Domínguez Una aventura a lo grande = a great big adventure
J [SP Picture] SAN      Sonia Sander El Chavo: Un Amigo Robot / A Robot Friend (Bilingual)
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 263.915 Heiligman      Deborah Heiligman Celebrate Christmas
J 306.76 G      Mady G A quick & easy guide to queer & trans identities
J 398.2 Galdone      Paul Galdone Henny Penny : a folk tale classic
J 398.2 Souhami      Jessica Souhami Please, Mr Magic Fish!
J 398.2097 Atwater      Barbara J Atwater How raven got his crooked nose : a Dena'ina fable
J 398.25 Schwartz      Alvin Schwartz Scary stories to tell in the dark
J 523.2 Stuart      Colin Stuart Discover our solar system
J 542 Connolly      Sean Connolly The book of ingeniously daring chemistry
J 551.21 Nargi      Lela Nargi Volcanoes
J 582.13 Heller      Ruth Heller The Reason for a Flower
J 595.799 Pulley      April Pulley Sayre The Bumblebee Queen
J 597.928 Arnold      Quinn M Arnold Sea turtles
J 599.67 Desmond      Jenni Desmond The elephant
J 629.454 Sandler      Martin W Sandler Apollo 8 : the mission that changed everything
J 629.4772 Donald      Alison Donald The spacesuit : how a seamstress helped put man on the moon
J 641.59 Stewart      Whitney Stewart What's on your plate? : exploring the world of food
J 641.5973 Sampson      Sally Sampson ChopChop : the kids' guide to cooking real food with your family
J 811.52 Frost      Robert Frost Poetry for Kids : Robert Frost
J 811.54 Herrera      Juan Felipe Herrera Jabberwalking
J 811.6 Hesterman      Katie Hesterman A round of robins
J 811.6 Salas      Laura Purdie Salas And then there were eight : poems about space
J 910.41 Thuras      Dylan Thuras The Atlas Obscura explorer's guide for the world's most adventurous kid
J 920.0008 Weintraub      Aileen Weintraub Never too young! : 50 unstoppable kids who made a difference
J 920.02 Beccia      Carlyn Beccia They lost their heads! : Washington's teeth, Einstein's brain, and other famous body parts
J 920.72 Clinton      Chelsea Clinton She persisted around the world : 13 women who changed history
J [P/T] 305.231 Bronson      Po Bronson NurtureShock : new thinking about children
J [P/T] 305.231 Galinsky      Ellen Galinsky Mind in the making : the seven essential life skills every child needs
J [P/T] 306.766 Owens-Reid      Dannielle Owens-Reid This is a book for parents of gay kids : a question-and-answer guide to everyday life
J [P/T] 618.24 Murkoff      Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff What to expect when you're expecting
J [P/T] 649.1 Faber      Adele Faber How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk
J [P/T] 649.1 Nolte      Dorothy Nolte Children learn what they live : parenting to inspire values
J [P/T] 649.1 Payne      Kim John Payne Simplicity parenting : using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids
J [P/T] 649.1019 Siegel      Daniel J Siegel The whole-brain child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind
J [P/T] 649.122 Ames      Louise Bates Ames Your two-year-old : terrible or tender
J [P/T] 649.122 Karp      Harvey Karp The happiest baby on the block : the new way to calm crying and help your newborn baby sleep longer
J [P/T] 649.123 Brazelton      T Berry Brazelton Touchpoints birth to 3 : your child's emotional and behavioral development
J [P/T] 649.153 Greene      Ross W Greene The explosive child : a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children
J [P/T] 649.62 Glowacki      Jamie Glowacki Oh crap! potty training : everything modern parents need to know to do it once and do it right
JB Bonhoeffer      John Hendrix The faithful spy : Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the plot to kill Hitler
JB Feynman      Richard P Feynman "Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!" : adventures of a curious character
JB Merian      Joyce Sidman The girl who drew butterflies : how Maria Merian's art changed science
JB Milk      Rob Sanders Pride : the story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag