New Materials—August 2019—Main Library
General Fiction
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Albinati, Edoardo      Edoardo Albinati The Catholic school
FICTION Alvarez, Julia      Julia Alvarez ¡Yo!
FICTION Anderson, Kevin J.      Kevin J Anderson Kill zone
FICTION Austen, Jane      Jane Austen Sanditon : Jane Austen's last completed novel
FICTION Beck, Haylen      Haylen Beck Lost you : a novel
FICTION Borman, Tracy      Tracy Borman The devil's slave
FICTION Brown, Sandra      Sandra Brown Outfox
FICTION Bucak, Ayse Papatya      Ayşe Papatya Bucak The Trojan War Museum and other stories
FICTION Bushnell, Candace      Candace Bushnell Is there still sex in the city?
FICTION Buxton, Kira Jane      Kira Jane Buxton Hollow kingdom : a novel
FICTION Caputo, Philip      Philip Caputo Hunter's moon : a novel in stories
FICTION Cavanagh, Steve      Steve Cavanagh Thirteen
FICTION Center, Katherine      Katherine Center Things you save in a fire
FICTION Cintron, Esperanza M.      Esperanza Malavé Cintrón Shades : Detroit love stories
FICTION Clarke, Brock      Brock Clarke Who are you, Calvin Bledsoe? : a novel
FICTION Coe, Jonathan      Jonathan Coe Middle England : a novel
FICTION Coes, Ben      Ben Coes The Russian
FICTION Conlin, Christy-Ann      Christy Ann Conlin Watermark
FICTION Conrad, Joseph      Joseph Conrad Lord Jim : a tale
FICTION Coonts, Stephen      Stephen Coonts The Russia account
FICTION Crais, Robert      Robert Crais A dangerous man
FICTION Davis, Lindsey      Lindsey Davis The course of honour
FICTION De la Cruz, Melissa      Melissa De la Cruz The birthday girl
FICTION Delaney, J. P.      JP Delaney The perfect wife : a novel
FICTION Dillard, Annie      Annie Dillard The maytrees
FICTION Ephron, Hallie      Hallie Ephron Careful what you wish for : a novel of suspense
FICTION Etter, Sarah Rose      Sarah Rose Etter The book of X : a novel
FICTION Eugenides, Jeffrey      Jeffrey Eugenides The virgin suicides : a novel
FICTION Flaubert, Gustave      Gustave Flaubert Three tales
FICTION Folarin, Tope      Tope Folarin A particular kind of black man
FICTION Franzen, Jonathan      Jonathan Franzen The twenty-seventh city
FICTION Frey, Rea      Rea Frey Because you're mine : a novel
FICTION Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn      Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell North and south
FICTION Gault, Miciah Bay      Miciah Bay Gault Goodnight stranger
FICTION Gavalda, Anna      Anna Gavalda Billie
FICTION Glass, Julia      Julia Glass The widower's tale
FICTION Goldblatt, Amanda      Amanda Goldblatt Hard mouth : a novel
FICTION Gould, Howard Michael      Howard Michael Gould Below the line : a Charlie Waldo novel
FICTION Greenwood, Bryn      Bryn Greenwood The reckless oath we made
FICTION Greenwood, T.      T Greenwood Keeping Lucy
FICTION Gregor, James      James Gregor Going Dutch : a novel
FICTION Gregory, Philippa      Philippa Gregory Tidelands
FICTION Gwin, Minrose      Minrose Gwin The accidentals : a novel
FICTION Handler, Daniel      Daniel Handler Bottle grove : a novel
FICTION Harmel, Kristin      Kristin Harmel The winemaker's wife
FICTION Hart, Rob      Rob Hart The warehouse : a novel
FICTION Hassib, Rajia      Rajia Hassib A pure heart : a novel
FICTION Hassman, Tupelo      Tupelo Hassman Gods with a little g
FICTION Hawkins, Karen      Karen Hawkins The book charmer
FICTION Herron, Rachael      Rachael Herron Stolen things : a novel
FICTION Higgins, Kristan      Kristan Higgins Life and other inconveniences
FICTION Hilton, James      James Hilton Lost horizon : a novel
FICTION Houellebecq, Michel      Michel Houellebecq Platform : a novel
FICTION Howorth, Lisa      Lisa Howorth Summerlings
FICTION Imrie, Celia      Celia Imrie A nice cup of tea
FICTION Jackson, Joshilyn      Joshilyn Jackson Never have I ever : a novel
FICTION Jewell, A. B.      A B Jewell The man who wouldn't die : a novel
FICTION Jimenez, Stephanie      Stephanie Jimenez They could have named her anything : a novel
FICTION Jio, Sarah      Sarah Jio All the flowers in Paris : a novel
FICTION Johnston, Scott      Scott Johnston Campusland
FICTION Kalotay, Daphne      Daphne Kalotay Blue hours : a novel
FICTION Kane, Jessica Francis      Jessica Francis Kane Rules for visiting : a novel
FICTION Kava, Alex      Alex Kava Desperate Creed
FICTION Kendal, Claire      Claire Kendal I spy
FICTION Kerr, Philip      Philip Kerr March violets
FICTION Kerr, Philip      Philip Kerr Berlin noir
FICTION Koryta, Michael      Michael Koryta The prophet
FICTION Kristof, Agota      Agota Kristof The notebook ; The proof ; The third lie : three novels
FICTION Landay, William      William Landay Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Lauren, Christina      Christina Lauren Beautiful stranger : a novel
FICTION Lavoie, Marie Renee      Marie Renee Lavoie Autopsy of a Boring Wife
FICTION Lehane, Dennis      Dennis Lehane Coronado : stories
FICTION Lethem, Jonathan      Jonathan Lethem The fortress of solitude : a novel
FICTION Leunens, Christine      Christine Leunens Caging skies
FICTION Lutz, Lisa      Lisa Lutz The swallows : a novel
FICTION MacLean, Julianne      Julianne MacLean A fire sparkling
FICTION Macneal, Elizabeth      Elizabeth Macneal The doll factory : a novel
FICTION Marias, Javier      Javier Marías Berta Isla
FICTION Mason, Jamie      Jamie Mason The hidden things
FICTION McGowan, Claire      Claire McGowan What you did
FICTION McHugh, Laura      Laura McHugh The wolf wants in : a novel
FICTION Merullo, Roland      Roland Merullo Breakfast With Buddha : a novel
FICTION Millas Garcia, Juan Jose      Juan José Millás García From the shadows
FICTION Morgenstern, Erin      Erin Morgenstern The night circus : a novel
FICTION Morris, Wright      Wright Morris Plains song for female voices
FICTION Morris, Wright      Wright Morris The field of vision
FICTION Morrison, Mary B.      Mary B Morrison I do love you still
FICTION Nathan, Alix      Alix Nathan The Warlow experiment : a novel
FICTION Neggers, Carla      Carla Neggers Rival's Break
FICTION Nganang, Alain Patrice      Alain Patrice Nganang When the plums are ripe
FICTION North, Alex      Alex North The whisper man
FICTION North, Lauren      Lauren North The perfect son
FICTION Norton, Graham      Graham Norton A keeper : a novel
FICTION Obreht, Tea      Téa Obreht Inland : a novel
FICTION Ogawa, Yoko      Yōko Ogawa The memory police : a novel
FICTION Oksanen, Sofi      Sofi Oksanen Purge
FICTION Orenstein, Hannah      Hannah Orenstein Love at first like
FICTION Overton, Hollie      Hollie Overton The runaway
FICTION Parker, T. Jefferson      T Jefferson Parker The last good guy
FICTION Parsons, Kimberly King      Kimberly King Parsons Black light : stories
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson The warning
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson The inn
FICTION Pobi, Robert      Robert Pobi City of windows
FICTION Porter, Henry      Henry Porter White hot silence
FICTION Powers, Zach      Zach Powers First cosmic velocity
FICTION Preston, Douglas      Douglas J Preston Old bones
FICTION Price, Adam O'Fallon      Adam O'Fallon Price The hotel neversink
FICTION Prior, Hazel      Hazel Prior Ellie and the harpmaker
FICTION Putney, Mary Jo      Mary Jo Putney Once a spy
FICTION Rai, Alisha      Alisha Rai The right swipe : a novel
FICTION Ramzipoor, E. R.      ER Ramzipoor Ventriloquists
FICTION Randis, K. L.      K L Randis Spilled milk : based on a true story
FICTION Raney, Karen      Karen Raney All the water in the world : a novel
FICTION Rao, Mahesh      Mahesh Rao Polite society
FICTION Ringle, Molly      Molly author Ringle All the better part of me
FICTION Roberts, Nora      Nora Roberts The Pagan Stone
FICTION Russell, Mary Doria      Mary Doria Russell The women of the copper country : a novel
FICTION Ryan, Hank Phillippi      Hank Phillippi Ryan The murder list
FICTION Schutt, Bill      Bill Schutt The Darwin strain : an R. J. MacCready novel
FICTION Scott, Kim      Kim Scott Taboo
FICTION Scott, Rion Amilcar      Rion Amilcar Scott The world doesn't require you : stories
FICTION Senate, Melissa      Melissa Senate The love goddess' cooking school
FICTION Silko, Leslie Marmon      Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony
FICTION Simmons, Dan      Dan Simmons The terror : a novel
FICTION Slaughter, Karin      Karin Slaughter The last widow : a novel
FICTION Smith, Sherri      Sherri Smith The Retreat
FICTION Steinberg, Susan      Susan Steinberg Machine : a novel
FICTION Stevens, Madeline      Madeline Stevens Devotion : a novel
FICTION Stridsberg, Sara      Sara Stridsberg Valerie, or, The faculty of dreams : amendment to the theory of sexuality
FICTION Tergit, Gabriele      Gabriele Tergit Käsebier takes Berlin
FICTION Theroux, Paul      Paul Theroux The Mosquito Coast : a novel
FICTION Tokarczuk, Olga      Olga Tokarczuk Drive your plow over the bones of the dead
FICTION Trollope, Anthony      Anthony Trollope Can you forgive her?
FICTION Vatner, Jonathan      Jonathan Vatner Carnegie Hill
FICTION Vonnegut, Kurt      Kurt Vonnegut God bless you, Mr. Rosewater; or, Pearls before swine
FICTION Wall, Cara      Cara Wall The dearly beloved : a novel
FICTION Walters, Minette      Minette Walters The turn of midnight
FICTION Ward, J. R.      J R Ward Blood truth
FICTION Ware, Ruth      Ruth Ware The turn of the key
FICTION White, Susan Rebecca      Susan Rebecca White We are all good people here
FICTION Wiggs, Susan      Susan Wiggs The Oysterville sewing circle : a novel
FICTION Williams, Diane      Diane Williams The collected stories of Diane Williams
FICTION Woods, Stuart      Stuart Woods Contraband
FICTION Zeh, Juli      Juli Zeh Empty hearts : a novel
Call Number Author Title
MYSTERY Adams, Jane      Jane Adams The clockmaker
MYSTERY Andrews, Donna      Donna Andrews Terns of endearment : a Meg Langslow mystery
MYSTERY Barrett, Lorna      Lorna Barrett A killer edition
MYSTERY Benn, Marlowe      Marlowe Benn Relative fortunes
MYSTERY Bowen, Rhys      Rhys Bowen Love and death among the cheetahs
MYSTERY Box, C. J.      C J Box The bitterroots : a novel
MYSTERY Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane      Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli And then they were doomed
MYSTERY Cameron, Stella      Stella Cameron Trap Lane
MYSTERY Carter, Andrea      Andrea Carter Treacherous strand
MYSTERY Christie, Agatha      Agatha Christie Double sin and other stories
MYSTERY Cleverly, Barbara      Barbara Cleverly Invitation to die
MYSTERY Conroy, Vivian      Vivian Conroy Death comes to Dartmoor
MYSTERY Cotterill, Colin      Colin Cotterill The second biggest nothing
MYSTERY Dedakis, John      John DeDakis Fake
MYSTERY Fossum, Karin      Karin Fossum The whisperer
MYSTERY Harris, Sherry      Sherry Harris Let's fake a deal
MYSTERY Hart, Ellen      Ellen Hart Twisted at the root
MYSTERY Hillerman, Anne      Anne Hillerman Spider woman's daughter
MYSTERY Hirahara, Naomi      Naomi Hirahara Iced in Paradise: A Leilani Santiago Hawai'i Mystery
MYSTERY James, Peter      Peter James Dead at first sight
MYSTERY Keller, Julia      Julia Keller The cold way home
MYSTERY LoTempio, T. C.      T C LoTempio The time for murder is meow
MYSTERY Lorac, E. C. R.      E C R Lorac Murder in the mill-race
MYSTERY Lovestam, Sara      Sara Lövestam The truth behind the lie
MYSTERY Maxwell, Alyssa      Alyssa Maxwell Murder at Crossways
MYSTERY McElwain, Julie      Julie McElwain Betrayal in time
MYSTERY Meade, Amy Patricia      Amy Patricia Meade The Garden Club murder
MYSTERY Penny, Louise      Louise Penny A better man : a Chief Inspector Gamache novel
MYSTERY Pronzini, Bill      Bill Pronzini The Peaceful Valley crime wave
MYSTERY Redmond, Heather      Heather Redmond Grave expectations
MYSTERY Ripley, Mike      Mike Ripley Mr Campion's visit
MYSTERY Ryan, Annelise      Annelise Ryan Needled to death
MYSTERY Shaw, William      William Shaw Play with fire
MYSTERY Spain, Jo      Jo Spain Beneath the surface
MYSTERY Stuart, A. M.      A M Stuart Singapore sapphire
MYSTERY Tomlinson, Max      Max, Tomlinson Vanishing in the Haight : a Colleen Hayes mystery
Science Fiction
Call Number Author Title
SCI FIC Birmingham, John      John Birmingham The cruel stars
SCI FIC Caldecott, Andrew      Andrew Caldecott Rotherweird
SCI FIC Card, Orson Scott      Orson Scott Card Speaker for the dead
SCI FIC Chambers, Becky      Becky Chambers Record of a spaceborn few
SCI FIC Czerneda, Julie      Julie Czerneda The gossamer mage
SCI FIC Dane, Joel      Joel Dane Cry pilot
SCI FIC Davis-Goff, Sarah      Sarah Davis-Goff Last ones left alive
SCI FIC DiLouie, Craig      Craig DiLouie Our war
SCI FIC Fehst, Zach      Zach Fehst American magic : a thriller
SCI FIC Forest, Susan      Susan Forest Bursts of fire
SCI FIC Hayes, Erica      Erica Hayes Shadowfae
SCI FIC Hogan, Reese      Reese Hogan Shrouded loyalties
SCI FIC Hossain, Saad Z.      Saad Z Hossain The gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday
SCI FIC Jacka, Benedict      Benedict Jacka Fated
SCI FIC Jacka, Benedict      Benedict Jacka Bound
SCI FIC Kelly, Michael      Michael Kelly All the things we never see
SCI FIC Kuang, R. F.      R F Kuang The dragon republic
SCI FIC Lem, Stanislaw      Stanisław Lem Fiasco
SCI FIC Llywelyn, Morgan      Morgan Llywelyn Inch by inch
SCI FIC Mieville, China      China Miéville Kraken : an anatomy
SCI FIC Modesitt, L. E.      L E Modesitt The mage-fire war
SCI FIC Modesitt, L. E.      L E Modesitt The magic engineer
SCI FIC Naslund, Brian      Brian Naslund Blood of an exile
SCI FIC O'Dell, Claire      Claire O'Dell The hound of justice : a novel
SCI FIC Thomas, Keith      Keith Thomas Dahlia black : a novel
SCI FIC Tepper, Sheri S.      Sheri S Tepper Sideshow
SCI FIC Walton, Jo      Jo Walton Among others
SCI FIC Weis, Margaret      Margaret Weis Kingmaker
SCI FIC Wilson, Robert Charles      Robert Charles Wilson Axis
SCI FIC Wolfe, Gene      Gene Wolfe The urth of the new sun
SCI FIC Zelazny, Roger      Roger Zelazny Lord of light
Call Number Author Title
[PB] ROMANCE A      Ilona Andrews Sapphire flames
[PB] ROMANCE A      Jane Ashford How to cross a marquess
[PB] ROMANCE A      Victoria Alexander The Lady Travelers Guide to Happily Ever After (Original)
[PB] ROMANCE B      Debbie Burns Love at first bark
[PB] ROMANCE B      Anna Bennett The duke is but a dream
[PB] ROMANCE D      B J Daniels Just His Luck (Original)
[PB] ROMANCE G      Anne Gracie Marry in secret
[PB] ROMANCE J      Lisa Jackson Left for Dead (Original)
[PB] ROMANCE L      Vivienne Lorret The rogue to ruin
[PB] ROMANCE M      Sarah MacLean Brazen and the beast
[PB] ROMANCE M      Lindsay McKenna Wind River protector
[PB] ROMANCE M      Alyson McLayne Highland captive
[PB] ROMANCE M        Forever and a day
[PB] ROMANCE P      Diana Palmer For now and forever
[PB] ROMANCE R      Hope Ramsay Summer on Moonlight Bay
[PB] ROMANCE W      Olivia Waite The lady's guide to celestial mechanics
[PB] ROMANCE Y      Maisey Yates Lone wolf cowboy
Call Number Author Title
POETRY Amaral, Ana Luisa      Ana Luísa Amaral What's in a name
POETRY Bergman, Denise      Denise Bergman Three hands none
POETRY Carpa, Andres      Andrés Cerpa Bicycle in a ransacked city : an elegy
POETRY Charles, Jos      Jos Charles Feeld
POETRY Craig, Michael      Michael Earl Craig Woods and clouds interchangeable
POETRY Dallagiacomo, Desiree      Desireé Dallagiacomo Sink : poems
POETRY Gatwood, Olivia      Olivia Gatwood Life of the party : poems
POETRY Gimenez, Carmen      Carmen Giménez Smith Be recorder : poems
POETRY Halal        Halal if you hear me
POETRY Harjo, Joy      Joy Harjo An American Sunrise : poems
POETRY Harris, Dave      Dave Harris Patricide
POETRY Heaney, Seamus      Seamus Heaney 100 poems
POETRY Helal, Marwa      Marwa Helal Invasive species
POETRY James, John      John James The milk hours : poems
POETRY Lee, Ed Bok      Ed-Bok Lee Mitochondrial night
POETRY Nguyen, Diana      Diana Khoi Nguyen Ghost of
POETRY Olivarez, Jose      José Olivarez Citizen illegal : poems
POETRY Padgett, Ron Ron Padgett Big cabin
POETRY Phillips, Maya      Maya Phillips Erou
POETRY Prikryl, Jana      Jana Prikryl No matter : poems
POETRY Reines, Ariana      Ariana Reines A sand book
POETRY Simic, Charles      Charles Simic Come closer and listen : new poems
POETRY Spender, Stephen      Stephen Spender Poems written abroad : the Lilly Library manuscript