New Materials—August 2019—Main Library
Children's Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Fiction] AND Laura Ellen Anderson Amelia Fang and the unicorns of Glitteropolis
J [Fiction] ARM Kelley Armstrong A royal guide to monster slaying
J [Fiction] BRU  Max Brunner Superfail
J [Fiction] BUC Linda Buckley-Archer The time thief
J [Fiction] BUC Linda Buckley-Archer The time thief : being the second part of The Gideon trilogy
J [Fiction] BYR Gabrielle K Byrne Rise of the dragon moon
J [Fiction] CAL Caroline Cala The good, the bad, and the bossy
J [Fiction] CAR Pablo Cartaya Each tiny spark
J [Fiction] CON Leslie Connor All rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook
J [Fiction] CON MarcyKate Connolly Comet rising
J [Fiction] CUM Troy Cummings Chomp of the meat-eating vegetables
J [Fiction] DAH Roald Dahl Charlie and the great glass elevator
J [Fiction] DAH Roald Dahl Danny the champion of the world
J [Fiction] DON Rebecca Donnelly The friendship lie
J [Fiction] ELL Rebecca Elliott Trip to the pumpkin farm
J [Fiction] ERL Janice Erlbaum Let me fix that for you
J [Fiction] FLA John Flanagan Slaves of Socorro
J [Fiction] FLA John Flanagan The outcasts
J [Fiction] FLO Debbi Michiko Florence Buttons the kitten
J [Fiction] GIB Stuart Gibbs Evil spy school : a spy school novel
J [Fiction] GIB Stuart Gibbs Belly up
J [Fiction] GIF Patricia Reilly Giff A slip of a girl
J [Fiction] HAM Virginia Hamilton Sweet whispers, Brother Rush
J [Fiction] HAN Kate Hannigan Cape
J [Fiction] HOL K A Holt House arrest
J [Fiction] HOL Jennifer L Holm Lights, camera, middle school!
J [Fiction] HOR Anthony Horowitz Skeleton Key : an Alex Rider adventure
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter Enter the clans
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter Hawkwing's journey
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter Long shadows
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter A dangerous path
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter The fourth apprentice
J [Fiction] JAM Laura James Fabio the world's greatest flamingo detective : the case of the missing hippo
J [Fiction] JUL Jacqueline Jules Freddie Ramos adds it all up
J [Fiction] KAS Heather Kassner The bone garden
J [Fiction] LAR Rajani LaRocca Midsummer's mayhem
J [Fiction] MAC Carolyn Mackler Not if I can help it
J [Fiction] MAD Jake Maddox Wildcats blitz
J [Fiction] MAH Kristin Mary Mahoney The 47 people you'll meet in middle school
J [Fiction] MAS Wendy Mass Dodging dinosaurs
J [Fiction] MES Kate Messner Night of soldiers and spies
J [Fiction] MES Kate Messner Escape from the great earthquake
J [Fiction] MUL Brandon Mull Chasing the prophecy
J [Fiction] NEL Colleen Nelson Harvey comes home
J [Fiction] PAT James Patterson I funny : school of laughs
J [Fiction] PIN Gregory K Pincus The homework strike
J [Fiction] PLO Lynn Plourde Maxi's secrets : (or, what you can learn from a dog)
J [Fiction] PYR Bobbie Pyron Stay
J [Fiction] QUI Jordan Quinn The sorcerer's shadow
J [Fiction] QUI Jordan Quinn The Thirteenth Knight
J [Fiction] QUI Jordan Quinn The false fairy
J [Fiction] QUI Jordan Quinn The bard and the beast
J [Fiction] RAU Onjali Q Raúf The boy at the back of the class
J [Fiction] REY Jason Reynolds Patina
J [Fiction] RIO Rick Riordan The sword of summer
J [Fiction] RIO Rick Riordan Demigods & magicians
J [Fiction] RUS Rachel Renée Russell Masters of mischief
J [Fiction] SAR Melissa Sarno A swirl of ocean
J [Fiction] SMI Jane Smiley Saddles & secrets
J [Fiction] SPA Esta Spalding Shout out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts
J [Fiction] STA Andy Stanton Mr Gum and the goblins
J [Fiction] TAR Lauren Tarshis The bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941
J [Fiction] TAR Lauren Tarshis I survived the Nazi invasion,1944
J [Fiction] WIG Eric Wight Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000
J [SHORT STORIES] Ghost   Ghost : thirteen haunting tales to tell
J [SHORT STORIES] Hero   The hero next door
J [SP Fiction] KIN      Jeff Kinney El arduo viaje
J [Series] AME Erin Teagan Luciana : braving the deep
J [Series] BLA Adam Blade Scalamanx the fiery fury
J [Series] GAR Dee Garretson Journey on a runaway train
J [Series] GUT Dan Gutman Mrs. Cooney is loony!
J [Series] GUT Dan Gutman Mrs. Patty is batty!
J [Series] HOL Joan Holub Eos the lighthearted
J [Series] KEE Carolyn Keene Mall madness
J [Series] KEE Carolyn Keene The phantom of Nantucket
J [Series] KEL David A Kelly The Philly fake
J [Series] KEL David A Kelly The All-Star joker
J [Series] KIR Lee Kirby Super Turbo and the fountain of doom
J [Series] MCK Kelly McKain Megan and Mischief
J [Series] MCK Kelly McKain Penny and Prince
J [Series] MCK Kelly McKain Sophie and Sparkle
J [Series] MCK Kelly McKain Chloe and Cookie
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Goldie the sunshine fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Roxie the baking fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Samantha the swimming fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Annabelle the drawing fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Kayla the pottery fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Rita the frog princess fairy
J [Series] MEA Daisy Meadows Julia the sleeping beauty fairy
J [Series] MER Sienna Mercer Re-vamped!
J [Series] MIE Andres Miedoso Surf's up, creepy stuff!
J [Series] MIE Andres Miedoso Major monster mess
J [Series] MIE Andres Miedoso The scary library shusher
J [Series] MIN  Cube Kid Crafting alliances
J [Series] MIN Mark Cheverton Destruction of the overworld : an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure
J [Series] OSB Mary Pope Osborne Christmas in Camelot
J [Series] OSB Mary Pope Osborne Haunted castle on Hallows Eve
J [Series] OSB Mary Pope Osborne Tigers at twilight
J [Series] PAR Barbara Park Junie B. Jones and the stupid smelly bus
J [Series] PER Helen Perelman Candy fairies : 3-books-in-1! Chocolate dreams ; Rainbow swirl ; Caramel moon
J [Series] PER Helen Perelman Rainbow swirl
J [Series] PER Helen Perelman Candy fairies : 3-books-in-1! #2
J [Series] PIL Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, part 1 : night of the nasty nostril nuggets : the sixth epic novel
J [Series] POK Sheila Sweeny Higginson Scyther, heart of a champion
J [Series] ROY Ron Roy May magic
J [Series] ROY Ron Roy Detective camp
J [Series] ROY Ron Roy Sleepy Hollow sleepover
J [Series] ROY Ron Roy Colossal fossil
J [Series] SIM Coco Simon Alexis, the icing on the cupcake
J [Series] SOB Donald J Sobol Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the treasure hunt
J [Series] SOO Christina Soontornvat Snow place like home
J [Series] SOO Christina Soontornvat Frost friends forever
J [Series] ST Thea Stilton Thea Stilton and the lost letters
J [Series] STI Geronimo Stilton Rumble in the jungle
J [Series] STI Geronimo Stilton Alien escape
J [Series] STO      Rex Stone Attack of the tyrannosaurus
J [Series] STY Walker Styles The soccer ball monster mystery
J [Series] SUP Steve Behling Iron Man. Invasion of the space phantoms
J [Series] SUP B A Hoena Captain Boomerang's comeback!
J [Series] SUP Brandon T Snider Battle for Wakanda
J [Series] SUP Calliope Glass Ms. Marvel's fists of fury
J [Series] SUP Brandon T Snider Gamora's galactic showdown : starring Gamora
J [Series] WAR Gertrude Chandler Warner The boxcar children
J [Series] WAR Gertrude Chandler Warner Mystery ranch
Children's Beginning Readers
Call Number Author Title
J [Beginning] BIG   The big purple book of beginner books
J [Beginning] CON Sheri Tan Follow that map!
J [Beginning] DIS Mary Tillworth Old racers, new racers
J [Beginning] FAR Saadia Faruqi Yasmin the chef
J [Beginning] FEN Jonathan Fenske Let's play, Crabby!
J [Beginning] LEG Kate Howard Techno strike!
J [Beginning] ROS   Agnès Rosenstiehl Silly Lilly and the four seasons
J [Beginning] SHA   Marjorie Weinman Sharmat Nate the Great and the crunchy Christmas
J [Beginning] STU James Sturm Birdsong : a story in pictures
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ARM Carey Armstrong-Ellis Ten creepy monsters
J [Picture] AVE Corrinne Averiss Hope
J [Picture] AVI Susan Avingaq The pencil
J [Picture] AYR Katherine Ayres Up, down and around
J [Picture] BAG Elizabeth Baguley Ready, steady, ghost!
J [Picture] BAR Dan Bar-el Not your typical dragon
J [Picture] BAR Brigette Barrager Vlad the rad
J [Picture] BAR Mac Barnett Count the monkeys
J [Picture] BEE William Bee Stanley's train
J [Picture] BEM Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline in London
J [Picture] BER Stan Berenstain The Berenstain bears and the truth
J [Picture] BIE David Biedrzycki SumoKitty
J [Picture] BOR Terry Border Happy birthday, Cupcake!
J [Picture] BRO Marc Tolon Brown Arthur's underwear
J [Picture] BRO Patty Brozo The buddy bench
J [Picture] CAR Eric Carle 1, 2, 3 to the zoo
J [Picture] CAT Michael Catchpool The cloud spinner
J [Picture] CHA Poppy Champignon Poop
J [Picture] CHR Tory Christie A Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth
J [Picture] CHW Seymour Chwast Arno and the MiniMachine
J [Picture] COA Jan Coates Dancing WIth Daisy
J [Picture] COL Henry Cole Spot & Dot
J [Picture] COW Joy Cowley Song of the river
J [Picture] DAV Linsey Davis One Big Heart: A Celebration of Being More Alike Than Different
J [Picture] DEL Etienne Delessert It?
J [Picture] DEV Wende Devlin Cranberry Thanksgiving
J [Picture] DIL Julie Dillemuth Camilla, Cartographer
J [Picture] DON Julia Donaldson Charlie Cook's favorite book
J [Picture] DOO Lori Doody Paint the town pink
J [Picture] FER Giuliano Ferri Manny Loses His Fangs
J [Picture] FOX Mem Fox Hattie and the fox
J [Picture] GAR Kelsey Garrity-Riley Frankie's Favorite Food
J [Picture] GAY Marie-Louise Gay Fern and Horn
J [Picture] GEH Laura/ Neonakis Gehl Juniper Kai : Super Spy
J [Picture] GEI Christina Geist Sorry, grown-ups, you can't go to school!
J [Picture] GRE Katie May Green Hide and seek
J [Picture] HAR Jessie Hartland My tiny pet
J [Picture] HED Thyra Heder How do you dance?
J [Picture] HOB Tana Hoban 26 letters and 99 cents
J [Picture] HOH Nadia L Hohn A likkle Miss Lou : how Jamaican poet Louise Bennett Coverley found her voice
J [Picture] HOL Jennifer L Holm The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight
J [Picture] HOO Morag Hood Aalfred and Aalbert
J [Picture] JAV Ellen Javernick What if everybody thought that?
J [Picture] JAV Mina Javaherbin My grandma and me
J [Picture] JOB Lisa Jobe Can I keep it?
J [Picture] KER Judith Kerr Mog the forgetful cat
J [Picture] KIF Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh Kol hakavod : way to go!
J [Picture] LAI Elizabeth Laird Grobblechops
J [Picture] LAW JonArno Lawson The playgrounds of Babel
J [Picture] LAW Janet Lawler Winter cats
J [Picture] LEV Debbie Levy Yiddish saves the day!
J [Picture] LEV Debbie Levy The key from Spain : Flory Jagoda and her music
J [Picture] LIP  Lipniewska Dominika In the City
J [Picture] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Sing a song : how "Lift Every Voice and Sing" inspired generations
J [Picture] MAN Sherri Lederman Mandell The elephant in the sukkah
J [Picture] MAR Tim Harrington This little piggy
J [Picture] MCC Barbara McClintock Vroom!
J [Picture] MCK Megan McKinlay Let me sleep, sheep!
J [Picture] MCM Kate McMullan As warm as the sun
J [Picture] MCQ Anna McQuinn Lola goes to school
J [Picture] MEL Robin Mellom Hannah Sparkles : hooray for the first day of school!
J [Picture] MOR Pat Mora My singing Nana
J [Picture] MOS Lisa Moser A Friendship Yarn
J [Picture] MUH Jörg Mühle Two for me, one for you
J [Picture] MUM Robert N Munsch Love you forever
J [Picture] NEW Karl Newson I am a tiger
J [Picture] NOR Kim Norman Give me back my bones!
J [Picture] PAR Todd Parr The don't worry book
J [Picture] PAU Miranda Paul Water is water : a book about the water cycle
J [Picture] PEP   Peppa Pig and the lost Christmas list
J [Picture] PER Monica Perez Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George visits the dentist
J [Picture] PHI Bao Phi My Footprints
J [Picture] PIT Charo Pita Thank you!
J [Picture] PLZ Tamara Pizzoli Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO
J [Picture] RAS Christopher Raschka The magic flute
J [Picture] RAY Jacqueline K Rayner Hats are not for cats!
J [Picture] ROG Jacqueline Rogers Goblin moon
J [Picture] ROS Tony Ross An anty-war story
J [Picture] ROZ Angela Rozelaar The great pumpkin contest
J [Picture] SAT Jennifer Gordon Sattler One red sock
J [Picture] SAT Jennifer Gordon Sattler Pig kahuna
J [Picture] SAV Stephen Savage Supertruck
J [Picture] SAY April Pulley Sayre Squirrels leap, squirrels sleep
J [Picture] SEE Laura Vaccaro Seeger Why?
J [Picture] SHA Trisha Speed Shaskan The Itty-bitty witch
J [Picture] SHE Bob Shea Unicorn is maybe not so great after all
J [Picture] SIL Annie Silvestro Butterflies on the first day of school
J [Picture] SIL Annie Silvestro Bunny's book club goes to school
J [Picture] SOM Judith Byron Schachner Skippyjon Jones in the dog house
J [Picture] SOU Jessica Souhami Gerald the Lion
J [Picture] STE Ann Marie Stephens Arithmechicks add up : a math story
J [Picture] TES Nicole Testa Lili Macaroni
J [Picture] VEI Éric Veillé Encyclopedia of grannies
J [Picture] VEN Srividhya Venkat The Clever Tailor
J [Picture] WEN Brendan Wenzel A stone sat still
J [Picture] WHE Lisa Wheeler Dino-football
J [Picture] WIIT Jo Witek In my heart : a book of feelings
J [Picture] WOL Gita Wolf Painting everything in the world
J [Picture] WOO Julia Woolf Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends
J [Picture] XIN Zhiwei Xing Footprints in the clouds
J [Picture] YOS Shinsuke Yoshitake The boring book
Children's Board Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Board]      Michael Joosten My two moms and me
J [Board]      Michael Bond Paddington Bear goes to market
J [Board]      Jennifer Adams Around the world in 80 Days : a transportation primer
J [Board]      Al Perkins The nose book
J [Board]      John Steptoe Baby says
J [Board]      Cindy Jin How do you say good night?
J [Board]        Ears.
J [Board]      Phyllis Limbacher Tildes Baby animals black and white
J [Board]        1-2-3 predators bite! : an animal counting book
J [Board]      Jill McDonald Moon landing
J [Board]      Anne Gutman Los ruidos
J [Board]        Tails.
J [Board]      Judy Carey Nevin All kids are good kids
J [Board]      Judi Barrett Look what I see
J [Board]      Leo Lionni A little book about colors
J [Board]      Ryan T Higgins Peek-a-Bruce
J [Board]      Ruth Krauss Goodnight goodnight, Sleepyhead
J [Board]      Greg E Foley Kat keeps the beat
J [Board]      Linda Ashman ¡Lluvia!
J [Board]      Agnese Baruzzi Turnabout shapes
J [Board]      Sandra Boynton Here, George
J [Board]      Kelly Hill Anne's alphabet
J [Board]      Jane Yolen Merbaby's lullaby
J [Board]      Jennifer Gordon Sattler Hide 'n' sheep
J [Board]      Holly Hatam Dragons are real!
J [Board]        Woodstock, baby! : a far-out counting book
J [Board]      Jennifer Gordon Sattler Go to sheep
J [Board]        Who says I love you? : baby's first "I love you" book.
J [Board]      Anna Membrino I look up to... Malala Yousafzai
Children's Graphic Novels and Comics
Call Number Author Title
J [GRAPHIC] Alex Rider   Stormbreaker : the graphic novel
J [GRAPHIC] Alex Rider v5 Antony Johnston Eagle strike : the graphic novel
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix 1926-1977 Goscinny The mansions of the gods
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix 1926-1977 Goscinny Asterix and the golden sickle
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix v2 1926-1977 Goscinny Asterix omnibus 2 : Asterix the Gladiator, Asterix and the Banquet, Asterix and Cleopatra
J [GRAPHIC] Big Nate Lincoln Peirce Big Nate. the crowd goes wild!
J [GRAPHIC] Big Nate  Lincoln Peirce Big Nate : say good-bye to Dork City
J [GRAPHIC] Bone     Jeff Smith Tall tales
J [GRAPHIC] Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson The indispensable Calvin and Hobbes : a Calvin and Hobbes treasury
J [GRAPHIC] Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson The authoritative Calvin and Hobbes : a Calvin and Hobbes treasury
J [GRAPHIC] Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson Attack of the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons : a Calvin and Hobbes collection
J [GRAPHIC] Calvin and Hobbes      Bill Watterson Yukon Ho!: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection (Turtleback School & Library)
J [GRAPHIC] Disney Jen Vaughn Descendants. Twisted field trip
J [GRAPHIC] Dog Man v7      Dav Pilkey Dog Man : for whom the ball rolls
J [GRAPHIC] Dogs Dave Coverly Dogs are people, too : a collection of cartoons to make your tail wag
J [GRAPHIC] Garfield Jim Davis Garfield large & in charge
J [GRAPHIC] Garfield Jim Davis Garfield brings home the bacon
J [GRAPHIC] Jem v3 Kelly Thompson Jem and the Holograms. 3, Dark Jem
J [GRAPHIC] Lucy & Andy v1 Jeffrey Brown Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
J [GRAPHIC] Mermin v1 Joey Weiser Mermin. Book 1, Out of water
J [GRAPHIC] Mermin v2 Joey Weiser The big catch
J [GRAPHIC] Mermin v4 Joey Weiser Mermin. Book four, Into Atlantis
J [GRAPHIC] Mister Pants v3 Scott McCormick Mr. Pants : trick or feet!
J [GRAPHIC] Oddly Normal       Otis Frampton Oddly Normal
J [GRAPHIC] PURST v1       Ashley Spires Fluffy strikes back
J [GRAPHIC] Peanuts Charles M Schulz The complete Peanuts
J [GRAPHIC] Peanuts Charles M Schulz The many faces of Snoopy
J [GRAPHIC] Poptropica v2 Mitch Krpata The lost expedition
J [GRAPHIC] Princeless v3 Jeremy Whitley Princeless. Book 3, The pirate princess
J [GRAPHIC] Roller Girl Victoria Jamieson Roller girl
J [GRAPHIC] Rutabaga v1 Eric Colossal Rutabaga the adventure chef
J [GRAPHIC] Rutabaga v2 Eric Colossal Feasts of fury
J [GRAPHIC] Simone v1 Rémy Simard Simone : the best monster ever!
J [GRAPHIC] Smash v2 Chris A Bolton Smash. Fearless
J [GRAPHIC] Squish v7 Jennifer L Holm Deadly disease of doom
J [GRAPHIC] Super Potato v3  Laperla (Artist) Super Potato's mega time-travel adventure
J [GRAPHIC] Sweetie v1 Sean Dillon Sweetie. Volume 1
J [GRAPHIC] Teen Titans J Torres Teen Titans go! Titans together
J [GRAPHIC] Teen Titans v1 Sholly Fisch Teen Titans go! Volume 1, Party, party!
J [GRAPHIC] They Called George Takei They called us enemy
J [GRAPHIC] Vamplets    Gayle Middleton Vamplets
J [GRAPHIC] Zita Ben Hatke Legends of Zita the spacegirl
J [MANGA] Kilala Rika Tanaka Kilala princess
J [MANGA] Legend of Zelda v3 Akira Himekawa The legend of Zelda. [3], Majora's mask
Children's Nonfiction
Call Number Author Title
ECRC J 372.4 Helman Lori Helman Inclusive literacy teaching : differentiating approaches in multilingual elementary classrooms
J 005.13 Peskowitz    Miriam Peskowitz Code like a girl : rad tech projects + practical tips
J 155.433 Criswell      Patti Kelley Criswell Friends : making them & keeping them
J 158.1 Syed      Matthew Syed You are awesome
J 292.08 Napoli      Donna Jo Napoli Treasury of Greek mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes & monsters
J 305.3 Branfman      Jonathan Branfman You be you! : the kid's guide to gender, sexuality, and family
J 305.4092 Degman      Lori Degman Like a girl
J 324.623 Jenner      Caryn Jenner Winning the vote for women
J 324.623 Ohlin      Nancy Ohlin Women's suffrage
J 324.623 Rockliff      Mara Rockliff Around America to win the vote : two suffragists, a kitten, and 10,000 miles
J 355.092 Conkling      Winifred Conkling Heroism begins with her : inspiring stories of bold, brave, and gutsy women in the U.S. Military
J 364.1523 Denson      Bryan Denson The Unabomber : Agent Kathy Puckett and the hunt for a serial bomber
J 419.703 Gallaudet        The Gallaudet children's dictionary of American Sign Language
J 428.2 Dahl      Michael Dahl Nouns Say What's That?
J 507.8 Challoner      Jack Challoner STEM lab : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover
J 507.8 Schwartz      Ella Schwartz Make this! : building, thinking, and tinkering projects for the amazing maker in you
J 513.213 Markel      Michelle Markel Terrible times tables
J 551.46 Cramp      Jess Cramp Captain Aquatica's awesome ocean : amazing animals! wild waves! super sharks! the deep sea!
J 551.576 Pretor      Gavin Pretor-Pinney The cloud collector's handbook
J 567.9 Jenkins      Steve Jenkins Dinosaurs by the numbers : a book of infographics
J 576.8 Bright      Michael Bright Darwin's tree of life
J 577.64 Sill      Cathryn P Sill Rivers and streams
J 591.568 Montgomery      Sy Montgomery The magnificent migration : on safari with Africa's last great herds
J 591.568 Unwin      Mike Unwin Migration : incredible animal journeys
J 591.57 Balkan      Gabrielle Balkan Book of flight : 10 record-breaking animals with wings
J 591.77 Weiss      Matt Weiss Clownfish aren't so funny : fascinating facts about some of the ocean's most misunderstood creatures
J 591.779 Jenkins      Steve Jenkins Down, down, down : a journey to the bottom of the sea
J 597.892 Harrison      David L Harrison And the bullfrogs sing : a life cycle begins
J 598.33 Myers      Maya Myers Puffins
J 598.764 Davies      Nicola Davies Hummingbird
J 599.313 Buller      Laura Buller Sloths
J 599.6367 Buller      Laura Buller Llamas
J 599.768 Pringle      Laurence Pringle The secret life of the skunk
J 599.775 Marsh      Laura F Marsh Foxes
J 620.0078 Enz      Tammy Enz Engineering projects to build on : 4D an augmented reading experience
J 621.873 Lennie  Charles Lennie Cranes
J 680 Thomas      Rachael L Thomas Make a castle your way!
J 745.5 Dynamo      author Dynamo Limited I am not a toilet paper roll : the recycling project book : 10 incredible things to make with toilet paper rolls!
J 745.5 Gallego      Isabel Urbina Gallego Mermaid crafts : 25 magical projects for deep sea fun
J 786.2193 Thompson      John Thompson John Thompson's easiest piano course. Part one
J 796.021 Buckley      James Buckley Scholastic year in sports 2019
J 796.525 Hood      Susan Hood Titan and the wild boars : the true cave rescue of the Thai Soccer Team
J 909 Chrisp      Peter Chrisp History year by year
J 909 Van Loon      Hendrik Willem Van Loon The story of mankind
J 910.9163 Sabol      Stephanie Sabol What was the Titanic?
J 920.71 Leek      Cliff Leek Boy oh boy
J 920.71 Peters      Stephanie True Peters Groundbreaking guys : 40 men who became great by doing good
J 930 Gutman      Dan Gutman Mummies, myths, and mysteries
J 930.1 Romero      Libby Romero What is an archaeologist?
J 937 Spilsbury      Louise Spilsbury Forensic investigations of the Romans
J 967.827 Medina Nico Medina Where is the Serengeti?
J 972.01 Bow      James Bow Forensic investigations of the Aztecs
J 972.018 Baquedano      Elizabeth Baquedano Aztec
J 973 Loewen      James W Loewen Lies my teacher told me : everything American history textbooks get wrong
J 974.71 Thermes      Jennifer Thermes Manhattan : mapping the story of an island
J [P/T] 613.2083 Rose      Dina Rose It's not about the broccoli : three habits to teach your kids for a lifetime of healthy eating
J [P/T] 649.62 Ockwell      Sarah Ockwell-Smith Ready, set, go! : a gentle parenting guide to calmer, quicker potty training
JB Angelou      Bethany Hegedus Rise : from caged bird to poet of the people, Maya Angelou
JB Bartali      Amalia Hoffman The brave cyclist : the true story of a Holocaust hero
JB Brady      Dan Wetzel Tom Brady
JB Cleary      Vicki Conrad Just like Beverly
JB Earhart      Andrew Prentice Amelia Earhart
JB Ertz      Benjamin Burdett Julie Ertz
JB Gies      Meeg Pincus Miep and the most famous diary : the woman who rescued Anne Frank's diary
JB Goodall      Libby Romero Jane Goodall
JB Hildegard      author Demi Hildegard of Bingen : scientist, composer, healer, & saint
JB Houdini      Kjartan Poskitt Harry Houdini
JB Leeuwenhoek      Lori Alexander All in a drop : how Antony van Leeuwenhoek discovered an invisible world
JB Madden      Peter Richmond John Madden : a Pro Football Hall of Fame biography
JB Morris      Linda White I could do that : Esther Morris gets women the vote
JB Rogers      Aimee Reid You are my friend : the story of Mister Rogers and his neighborhood
JB Stine      M D Payne Who is R.L. Stine?
JB Wells      Naomi E Jones Ida B. Wells-Barnett : suffragette and social activist
JB Williams      Dan Wetzel Serena Williams
Children's Foreign Language Books
Call Number Author Title
J [FR Graphic] Tintin      1907-1983 Hergé Le lotus bleu
J [SP Beginner] DAY      Drew Daywalt ¿Qué hay en LA caja?
J [SP Beginning] MAN Fran Manushkin ¡En la cima del mundo!
J [SP Beginning] MAN   Fran Manushkin Pedro, candidato a presidente
J [SP Beginning] MAN      Fran Manushkin Pedro el ninja
J [SP Beginning] MAN      Fran Manushkin Pedro el pirata
J [SP Beginning] MAN      Fran Manushkin El golazo de Pedro
J [SP Fiction] ADA      Alma Flor Ada Me llamo María Isabel
J [SP Fiction] CER      Angela Cervantes Lety alza su voz
J [SP Fiction] ELL Rebecca Elliott La Pastelería del Bosque Salvaje
J [SP Fiction] KIN      Jeff Kinney La horrible realidad
J [SP Fiction] TAR      Lauren Tarshis El naufragio del Titanic, 1912
J [SP Graphic] Futbol      Brandon Terrell Fútbol extremo
J [SP Picture] COR Christopher Corr El Mundo
J [SP Picture] LAW      Andrew Law ¿Cómo hago un títere de calcetín? = How do I make a sock puppet?
J [SP Picture] MAC  Margaret Read MacDonald Algarabia En La Granja
J [SP Picture] PEP      Annie Auerbach Peppa Pig : ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
J [SP Picture] SER      Pilar Serrano Hoy No Juegas
J [SP Picture] SEU      Dr Seuss ¿Cómo podré decidir qué mascota elegir?
J [SP] 625.2 Higgins      Nadia Higgins Trains
J [SP] 628.9259 Higgins      Nadia Higgins Fire trucks
J [SP] 629.222 Falligant      Erin Falligant Ambulances
J [SP] 629.225 Falligant      Erin Falligant Bulldozers
J [SP] 633.3 Chang      Kirsten Chang Mira cómo crece un frijol
J [SP] 634.11 Chang      Kirsten Chang Mira cómo crece una manzana
J [SP] 634.772 Chang      Kirsten Chang Mira cómo crece una banana
J [SP] 634.9721 Chang      Kirsten Chang Mira cómo crece un roble
Children's DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Author Title
DVD J DUM        Dumbo
DVD J MAT        Matilda
DVD J POK        Pokemon Detective Pikachu
DVD J SEC        The secret life of pets 2
DVD J SMA        Smallfoot