New Materials—August 2019—Main Library
Call Number Author Title
001.942 Plumb      Taryn Plumb New England UFOs : sightings, abductions, and other strange phenomena
001.944 Zada      John Zada In the valleys of the noble beyond : in search of the Sasquatch
002.09 McIlwaine      Catherine McIlwaine Tolkien : maker of Middle-Earth
004.019 Mathis      Lukas Mathis Designed for use
005.133 Long      J D Long R cookbook : proven recipes for data analysis, statistics, and graphics
005.133 Matthes      Eric Matthes Python crash course : a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming
005.276 Casey      Meghan Casey The content strategy toolkit : methods, guidelines, and templates for getting content right
005.758 Hargrave      John Hargrave Blockchain for everyone : how I learned the secrets of the new millionaire class (and you can, too)
006.686 Sylvan      Rob Sylvan Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic
006.7 Meinzer      Kristen Meinzer So you want to start a podcast : finding your voice, telling your story, and building a community that will listen
027.665 Grunenwald      Jill A Grunenwald Reading behind bars : a true story of literature, law, and life as a prison librarian
028 Price      Leah Price What we talk about when we talk about books : the history and future of reading
031.02 Guinness        Guinness world records.
070.4 Grobel  Lawrence Grobel The art of the interview : lessons from a master of the craft
070.4082 Our        Our women on the ground : essays by Arab women reporting from the Arab world
070.5094 Faber      Toby Faber Faber & Faber : the untold story
100 How        How philosophy works : the concepts visually explained
121.34 Hoffman      Donald D Hoffman The case against reality : why evolution hid the truth from our eyes
133.3242 Place      Robert Michael Place The tarot : history, symbolism, and divination
133.43 Murphy      Arin Murphy-Hiscock Wicca : a modern practitioner's guide : your guide to mastering the craft
153.152 Young      Scott H Young Ultralearning : master hard skills, outsmart the competition, and accelerate your career
153.733 Stigchel      Stefan van der Stigchel How attention works : finding your way in a world full of distraction
153.8 Lee-Baggley      Danya Lee-Baggley Healthy habits suck : how to get off the couch & live a healthy life... even if you don't want to
153.83 Ariely      Dan Ariely Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions
153.9 Robson      David G Robson The intelligence trap : why smart people make dumb mistakes
155.232 Cain      Susan Cain Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking
155.232 Spy        Spy the lie : former CIA officers show you how to detect when someone is lying
155.333 Rinehart      Susie Caldwell Rinehart Fierce Joy: Choosing Brave Over Perfect to Find My True Voice
158.1 Guise      Stephen Guise How to be an imperfectionist : the way to self-acceptance, fearless living, and freedom from perfectionism
158.1 Ho      Judy Ho Stop self-sabotage : six steps to unlock your true motivation, harness your willpower, and get out of your own way
158.1 Waitzkin    Josh Waitzkin The art of learning : an inner journey to optimal performance
158.12 Kornfield      Jack Kornfield Meditation for beginners
158.224 Safer      Jeanne Safer I love you, but I hate your politics : how to protect your intimate relationships in a poisonous partisan world
200.9 Armstrong      Karen Armstrong The battle for God
200.904 Almond      Gabriel A Almond Strong religion : the rise of fundamentalisms around the world
200.973 Davis Erik Davis High weirdness : drugs, esoterica, and visionary experience in the seventies
204.35 Harbula      Patrick J Harbula Meditation : the simple and practical way to begin meditating : a start here guide
248.84 Clydesdale      Timothy T Clydesdale The twentysomething soul : understanding the religious and secular lives of American young adults
271.976 Prejean      Helen Prejean River of fire : my spiritual journey
282.0924 Day      Dorothy Day The long loneliness : the autobiography of Dorothy Day
289.9209 Scorah      Amber Scorah Leaving the witness : exiting a religion and finding a life
294.3443 Nhat Hanh      Thích Nhất Hạnh How to see
294.3567 Thubten      Anam Thubten Choosing compassion : how to be of benefit in a world that needs our love
296 Heschel      Abraham Joshua Heschel In this hour : Heschel's writings in Nazi Germany and London exile
296.4537 New        New American Haggadah
301.04 Know-It        Know-it-all anthropology : the 50 most important ideas in anthropology, each explained in under a minute
301.092 King      Charles King Gods of the upper air : how a circle of renegade anthropologists reinvented race, sex, and gender in the twentieth century
302.231 McCulloch      Gretchen McCulloch Because internet : understanding the new rules of language
302.343 McKee      Jonathan McKee The bullying breakthrough : real help for parents and teachers of the bullied, bystanders, and bullies
303.64 Camus      Albert Camus The rebel : an essay on man in revolt
304.873 Journeys        Journeys : an American story
305 De Botton      Alain De Botton Status anxiety
305.2352 Pipher      Mary Bray Pipher Reviving Ophelia : saving the selves of adolescent girls
305.2609 Age        Age in America : the colonial era to the present
305.3 Airton      Lee Airton Gender : your guide : a gender-friendly primer on what to know, what to say, and what to do in the new gender culture
305.3109 Ford      Clementine Ford Boys will be boys : power, patriarchy and toxic masculinity
305.42 Doyle      Sady Doyle Dead blondes and bad mothers : monstrosity, patriarchy, and the fear of female power
305.42 Goldberg      Carrie Goldberg Nobody's victim : fighting psychos, stalkers, pervs, and trolls
305.4209 Dubois      Ellen Carol DuBois Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America, 1848-1869
305.4209 MacPherson      Myra MacPherson The scarlet sisters : sex, suffrage, and scandal in the Gilded Age
305.4209 Woodhull      Barbara Goldsmith Other powers : the age of suffrage, spiritualism, and the scandalous Victoria Woodhull
305.4889 Valentine      Sarah Valentine When I was white : a memoir
305.5097 Postel      Charles Postel Equality : an American dilemma, 1866-1896
305.8 Singh      Anneliese A Singh The racial healing handbook : practical activities to help you challenge privilege, confront systemic racism & engage in collective healing
305.8009 Kendi      Ibram X Kendi How to be an antiracist
305.896 Shukur      Assata Shakur Assata : an autobiography
305.8992 DeParle      Jason DeParle A good provider is one who leaves : one family and migration in the 21st century
306 Gilligan      Carol Gilligan Why does patriarchy persist?
306 Nussbaum Martha Craven Nussbaum The cosmopolitan tradition : a noble but flawed ideal
306.766 Dameron      William Dameron The lie : a memoir of two marriages, catfishing & coming out
306.874 Lamb      Sharon Lamb The not good enough mother
306.874 Lobue      Vanessa LoBue 9 months in, 9 months out : a scientist's tale of pregnancy and parenthood
306.874 ODonell      Liz O'Donnell Working daughter : a guide to caring for your aging parents while making a living
306.8743 Altman      Elissa Altman Motherland : a memoir of love, loathing, and longing
306.9 Miller      Bruce J Miller A beginner's guide to the end : practical advice for living life and facing death
320.014 Kling      Arnold Kling The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides
320.5308 Guglielmo      Jennifer Guglielmo Living the revolution : Italian women's resistance and radicalism in New York City, 1880-1945
321.07 Plato       Plato. Republic
322.1097 Lenz      Lyz Lenz God land : a story of faith, loss, and renewal in middle America
323.0973 Field      Corinne T Field The struggle for equal adulthood : gender, race, age, and the fight for citizenship in antebellum America
323.443 Moskowitz      P E Moskowitz The case against free speech : the First Amendment, fascism, and the future of dissent
324.0926 Silva      Jennifer M Silva We're still here : pain and politics in the heart of America
324.62 Keyssar      Alexander Keyssar The right to vote : the contested history of democracy in the United States
324.623 Atkinson      Diane Atkinson Rise up, women! : the remarkable lives of the suffragettes
324.623 Berenson      Barbara F Berenson Massachusetts in the woman suffrage movement : revolutionary reformers
324.623 Conkling      Winifred Conkling Votes for women! : American suffragists and the battle for the ballot
324.623 Dodson      Angela P Dodson Remember the ladies : celebrating those who fought for freedom at the ballot box
324.623 Lemay      Kate Clarke Lemay Votes for women! : a portrait of persistence
324.623 Paul      Mary Walton Woman's crusade : Alice Paul and the battle for the ballot
324.623 Shall Not        Shall not be denied : women fight for the vote : official companion to the Library of Congress exhibition
324.623 Stevens      Doris Stevens Jailed for freedom : American women win the vote
324.623 Stewart      Louise Kay Stewart Rebel voices
324.623 Teele      Dawn Langan Teele Forging the franchise : the political origins of the women's vote
324.623 Weiss      Elaine F Weiss The woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote
324.623 Willmott      Lauren Willmott Images of the national archives : suffragettes
324.623 Zimet      Susan Zimet Roses and radicals : the epic story of how American women won the right to vote
324.973 Corder      J Kevin Corder Counting women's ballots : female voters from suffrage through the new deal
327.7305 Kaplan      Amy Kaplan Our American Israel : the story of an entangled alliance
330 Levitt      Steven D Levitt Superfreakonomics : global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life insurance
330.092 Grant      James Grant Bagehot : the life and times of the greatest Victorian
330.973 Blinder      Alan S Blinder After the music stopped : the financial crisis, the response, and the work ahead
331.1173 Kara      Siddharth Kara Bonded labor : tackling the system of slavery in South Asia
331.8809 Greenhouse      Steven Greenhouse Beaten down, worked up : the past, present, and future of American labor
332.024 Shen      Kristy Shen Quit like a millionaire : no gimmicks, luck, or trust fund required
332.024 Slesnick        IRAs, 401(k)s & other retirement plans : taking your money out.
332.6 Mobius      Mark Mobius Invest for good : a healthier world and a healthier you
332.678 Graham      Benjamin Graham The intelligent investor  : the classic text on value investing
333.1097 Clayton      John Clayton Natural rivals : John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and the creation of America's public lands
333.338 Scott      J Scott The book on flipping houses : how to buy, rehab, and resell residential properties
333.7309 Ketcham      Christopher Ketcham This land : how cowboys, capitalism, and corruption are ruining the American West
338.4778 Krueger      Alan B Krueger Rockonomics : a backstage tour of what the music industry can teach us about economics and life
338.6209 Sitaraman      Ganesh Sitaraman The public option : how to expand freedom, increase opportunity, and promote equality
338.7665 Leonard      Christopher Leonard Kochland : the secret history of Koch Industries and corporate power in America
340.092 Girma      Haben Girma Haben : the Deafblind woman who conquered Harvard Law
342.7308 Strossen      Nadine Strossen Hate : why we should resist it with free speech, not censorship
344.73 Okrent      Daniel Okrent The guarded gate : bigotry, eugenics, and the law that kept two generations of Jews, Italians, and other European immigrants out of America
345.7305 Gray      David C Gray The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
345.771 Abbott      Karen Abbott The ghosts of Eden Park : the bootleg king, the women who pursued him, and the murder that shocked jazz- age America
347.7326 Hemingway      Mollie Ziegler Hemingway Justice on trial : the Kavanaugh confirmation and the future of the Supreme Court
355.02 Hedges      Chris Hedges War is a force that gives us meaning
362.283 Neustadter      Sarah Neustadter Love you like the sky : surviving the suicide of a beloved
362.293 Halpern      John Halpern Opium : how an ancient flower shaped and poisoned our world
362.8709 Paxson      Margaret Paxson The plateau
362.88 Freitas      Donna Freitas Consent : a memoir of unwanted attention
363.232 Cobbina      Jennifer E Cobbina Hands up, don't shoot : protesting the police in Ferguson and Baltimore
363.2595 Jensen      Billy Jensen Chase darkness with me : how one true-crime writer started solving murders
363.3495 Aldrich      Daniel P Aldrich Black wave : how networks and governance shaped Japan's 3/11 disasters
364.1523 Keyes Maureen Callahan American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century
364.1523 Sebold      Alice Sebold Lucky
364.153 Patterson      James Patterson Filthy rich
364.163 Williams      Rachel DeLoache Williams My friend Anna : the true story of the fake heiress
364.3609 Stanton      Maureen Stanton Body leaping backward : memoir of a delinquent girlhood
364.374 Monroe      Rachel Monroe Savage appetites : four true stories of women, crime, and obsession
370.155 Heffron      Claire Heffron Playful learning lab for kids : whole-body sensory adventures to enhance focus, engagement, and curiosity
370.1934 Delpit      Lisa D Delpit Other people's children : cultural conflict in the classroom
371.1009 Mariotti      Steve Mariotti Goodbye Homeboy: How My Students Drove Me Crazy and Inspired a Movement
372.6 Wexler      Natalie Wexler The knowledge gap : the hidden cause of America's broken education system--and how to fix it
378.362 Zaloom      Caitlin Zaloom Indebted : how families make college work at any cost
384.5443 Rosenwald      Brian Rosenwald Talk radio's America : how an industry took over a political party that took over the United States
392.5 Gordon-Lennox      Jeltje Gordon-Lennox Crafting meaningful wedding rituals : a practical guide
418.4 Adler      Mortimer Jerome Adler How to read a book
428 Brandreth      Gyles Daubeney Brandreth Have you eaten grandma? : or, the life-saving importance of correct punctuation, grammar, and good English
428.23 Watson      Cecelia Watson Semicolon : the past, present, and future of a misunderstood mark
470 Julius      Doug Julius Latin made simple
500.82 Altschuler      Daniel R Altschuler The women of the moon : tales of science, love, sorrow, and courage
508.3113 Demuth      Bathsheba Demuth Floating coast : an environmental history of the Bering Strait
509.2 Brooks      Michael Brooks The quantum astrologer's handbook
510.92 Olsson      Karen Olsson The Weil conjectures : on math and the pursuit of the unknown
513.14 Prindle        Math the easy way : your key to learning.
551.457 Rush      Elizabeth Rush Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore
551.46 Streever      Bill Streever In oceans deep : courage, innovation, and adventure beneath the waves
551.518 Watson      Lyall Watson Heaven's breath : a natural history of the wind
572.8 Skwarecki      Beth Skwarecki Genetics 101 : from chromosomes and the double helix to cloning and DNA tests, everything you need to know about genes
579.6163 Long      Litt Woon Long The way through the woods : on mushrooms and mourning
579.8177 Iselin      Josie Iselin The curious world of seaweed
590.9 Roberts      Alice M Roberts Tamed : ten species that changed our world
595.7 Sverdrup    Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson Buzz, sting, bite : why we need insects
595.772 Winegard      Timothy C Winegard The mosquito : a human history of our deadliest predator
610.7306 I Wasnt        I wasn't strong like this when I started out : true stories of becoming a nurse
612.8 Benjamin      A K Benjamin Let me not be mad : my story of unraveling minds
612.82 Ropper      Allan H Ropper How the brain lost its mind : sex, hysteria, and the riddle of mental illness
612.8233 Jandial      Rahul Jandial Neurofitness : the real science of peak performance from a college dropout turned brain surgeon
613.0424 Block      Jennifer Block Everything below the waist : why health care needs a feminist revolution
613.0424 Gaudreau      Stephanie Gaudreau The core 4 : embrace your body, own your power
613.2 Pollan      Michael Pollan Food rules : an eater's manual
613.25 Abrams      Rami Abrams Keto diet for dummies
613.25 Whitaker      Julian Whitaker The Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting: Burn Fat Quickly with the Mini-Fast Diet
613.7 Feldenkrais      Moshé Feldenkrais Awareness through movement : health exercises for personal growth
613.7 Ferriss      Timothy Ferriss The 4-hour body : an uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex, and becoming superhuman
613.792 Carr Gomm      Philip Carr-Gomm Empower your life with Sophrology : quick and simple exercises to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and help you find joy
615.852 Shapiro      Debbie Shapiro Your body speaks your mind : decoding the emotional, psychological, and spiritual messages that underlie illness
616.8009 Sacks      Lawrence Weschler And how are you, Dr. Sacks? : a biographical memoir of Oliver Sacks
616.831 Gerrard      Nicci Gerrard The last ocean : a journey through memory and forgetting
616.836 Brown      Keah Brown The pretty one : on life, pop culture, disability, and other reasons to fall in love with me
616.8526 Harron      Dana Harron Loving someone with an eating disorder : understanding, supporting & connecting with your partner
616.8526 Knapp      Caroline Knapp Appetites : why women want
616.8527 Korb      Alex Korb The upward spiral workbook
616.8589 Pinsky      Susan C Pinsky Organizing solutions for people with ADHD : tips and tools to help you take charge of your life and get organized
616.89 Ikpi      Bassey Ikpi I'm telling the truth, but I'm lying : essays
616.8914 Annesly      Mike Annesley Healing body meditations : 30 mandalas to enhance your health and well-being
616.895 Brown      Walter Armin Brown Lithium : a doctor, a drug, and a breakthrough
617.481 Vallance      Sarah Vallance Prognosis: A Memoir of My Brain
618.2 Worth      Jennifer Worth Call the midwife : a memoir of birth, joy, and hard times
618.9285 Pike      Joanna Pike Between you and me : personal stories from neuro-diverse couples
631.53 Halleck      Leslie F Halleck Plant parenting : easy ways to make more houseplants, vegetables, and flowers
635.0846 Gattone      Toni Gattone The lifelong gardener : garden with ease & joy at any age
635.965 Cheng      Darryl Cheng The new plant parent : develop your green thumb and care for your house-plant family
636.0887 Weitzman      Gary Weitzman National Geographic complete guide to pet health, behavior, and happiness : the veterinarian's approach to at-home animal care
636.707 Hodgson      Sarah Hodgson Puppies for dummies
639.2 Urbina      Ian Urbina The outlaw ocean : journeys across the last untamed frontier
640.286 Miles      Lindsay Miles Less stuff : simple zero-waste steps to a joyful and clutter-free life
641.5092 Bourdain      Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain : the last interview and other conversations
641.5092 Regan      Iliana Regan Burn the place : a memoir
641.5632 Ellingsworth      Christy Ellingsworth The everything DASH diet cookbook : lower your blood pressure and lose weight--with 300 quick and easy recipes!
641.5636 Firth      Henry Firth Bish bash bosh! : your favorites all plants
641.5636 McKinnon      Hetty McKinnon Family : new vegetarian comfort food to nourish every day
641.5636 Newman      Joni-Marie Newman Best veggie burgers on the planet : more than 100 plant-based recipes for vegan burgers, fries, and more
641.5636 One        101 vegetarian grill & BBQ recipes : amazing meat-free recipes for vegetarian & vegan BBQ food
641.5638 Ely      Leanne Ely Saving dinner the low-carb way : healthy menus, recipes, and the shopping lists that will keep the whole family at the dinner table
641.5952 Ikeda      Atsuko Ikeda Atsuko's Japanese kitchen : home-cooked comfort food made simple
641.5959 Phan      Charles Phan Vietnamese home cooking
641.5959 Raines      Abigail Sotto Raines Rice. Noodles. Yum. : everyone's favorite Southeast Asian dishes
641.64 Slater      Nigel Slater Ripe : a cook in the orchard
641.6425 Rose      Jessica Rose The Peach Truck cookbook : 100 delicious recipes for all things peach
641.65 Landau      Rich Landau V Street : 100 globe-hopping plates on the cutting edge of vegetable cooking
641.68 Dooley      Beth Dooley Sweet nature : a cook's guide to using honey and maple syrup
641.83 Corbishley      Nicky Corbishley Seriously good salads : creative flavor combinations for nutritious, satisfying meals
643.2 Zamora Mola      Francesc Zamora Mola 150 best tiny space ideas / Francesc Zamora Mola.
643.7 Litchfield      Michael W Litchfield Renovation
646.3 Cline      Elizabeth L Cline The conscious closet : the revolutionary guide to looking good while doing good
646.726 Burnes      Deborah Burnes The beauty geek's guide to skin care : 1,000 essential definitions of common product ingredients
649.1 Korb      Damon Korb Raising an organized child : 5 steps to boost independence, ease frustration, and promote confidence
649.1019 Pollak      Susan M Pollak Self-compassion for parents : nurture your child by caring for yourself
650.1082 Harts Minda Harts The memo : what women of color need to know to secure a seat at the table
650.11 Caunt      John Caunt How to organize yourself : simple ways to take control, save time and work more efficiently
650.1402 Prodromou      Ted Prodromou Ultimate guide to Linkedin for business
650.456 Cooper      Sarah Cooper 100 tricks to appear smart in meetings : how to get by without even trying
658 Brandt      John R Brandt Nincompoopery : Why Your Customers Hate You - and How to Fix It
658.4092 Goleman      Daniel Goleman The emotionally intelligent leader
658.4092 HBRs        HBR's 10 must reads on women and leadership.
658.85 Klaff      Oren Klaff Flip the script : getting people to think your idea is their idea
684.18 Complete        The complete guide to outdoor carpentry : complete plans for beautiful backyard building projects.
700.943 Kater      Michael H Kater Culture in Nazi Germany
709 Story        The story of painting : how art was made
741.5973 Overstreet        Official Overstreet comic book price guide.
741.6 Caldwell        Graphic design for everyone
741.683 Cooper      Jeremy Cooper The world exists to be put on a postcard : artists' postcards from 1960 to now
746 Stewart      Martha Stewart Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts : basic techniques for sewing, appliqué, embroidery, quilting, dyeing, and printing, plus 150 inspired projects from A to Z.
746.4222 Grenier      Samantha Grenier Macramé for home decor : 40 stunning projects for stylish decorating
746.432 Hatta      Yoko Hatta Japanese knitting stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio : a dictionary of 200 stitch patterns
746.432 Pierce      Val Pierce One-stitch baby knits : 22 easy patterns for adorable garments and accessories using garter stitch
746.434 Zimmerman      Sarah Zimmerman Crochet Cute Critters: 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns
746.4402 Woolnough      Meredith Woolnough Organic embroidery
746.9209 Day      Daniel R Day Dapper Dan : made in Harlem : a memoir
759.054 Stephenson      Jonathan Stephenson Paint with the Impressionists : a step-by-step guide to their methods and materials for today's artists
759.5 Lewis      Ben Lewis The last Leonardo : the secret lives of the world's most expensive painting
759.9407 Masterpieces      Scott Allan Masterpieces of Painting: J. Paul Getty Museum
779.32 Wills      BriAnne Wills Girls and their cats
780.9 Holmes      Lewis Holmes The mystery of music : an exploration centered on the lives of thirty ancient musicians
781.6409 Cockrell      Dale Cockrell Everybody's doin' it : sex, music, and dance in New York, 1840-1917
782.4216 Allred      Kevin Allred Ain't I a diva? : Beyoncé and the power of pop culture pedagogy
782.4216 Presley Richard Zoglin Elvis in Vegas : how the King reinvented the Las Vegas show
787.2092 Luboshutz      Thomas Wolf The nightingale's sonata : the musical odyssey of Lea Luboshutz
787.8719 Vaughan      Alan Paul Texas flood : the inside story of Stevie Ray Vaughan
791.3092 Barnum      Robert Wilson Barnum : an American life
791.4572 Fink      Moritz Fink The Simpsons : a cultural history
793.73 Monster        Monster of the week Tome of mysteries
794.1092 Chapin      Sasha Chapin All the wrong moves : a memoir about chess, love, and ruining everything
796.342 Gallwey W Timothy Gallwey The inner game of tennis
796.357 Lindbergh      Ben Lindbergh The MVP machine : how baseball's new nonconformists are using data to build better players
796.357 Speier      Alex Speier Homegrown : how the Red Sox built a champion from the ground up
796.3576 Remy      Jerry Remy If these walls could talk : Boston Red Sox : stories from the Boston Red Sox dugout, locker room, and press box
796.4252 Engle      Charlie Engle Running man : a memoir of ultra-endurance
796.4409 Davidsdott      1993- author Katrín Davíðsdóttir Dottir : my journey to becoming a two-time CrossFit Games champion
796.5109 Rochfort      Heather Balogh Rochfort Women who hike : walking with America's most inspiring adventurers
799.1097 Messineo      Janet Messineo Casting into the light : tales of a fishing life
799.32 Marinas      Amante P Marinas Archery for beginners : the complete guide to shooting recurve and compound bows
808.02 Berlant      Lauren Gail Berlant The hundreds
808.042 Moran      Joe Moran First you write a sentence : the elements of reading, writing...and life
808.8992 New        New daughters of Africa : an international anthology of writing by women of African descent
809 Barthes      Roland Barthes Image, music, text
809.141 Sato      Hiroaki Sato On haiku
809.9335 Row      Jess Row White flights : race, fiction, and the American imagination
812 Kaufman      Moisés Kaufman Gross indecency : the three trials of Oscar Wilde
813.54 Abbey      Edward Abbey Desert solitaire
813.54 Moody      Rick Moody The long accomplishment : a memoir of hope and struggle in matrimony
813.54 Straight      Susan Straight In the country of women : a memoir
813.6 Fuller      Alexandra Fuller Travel light, move fast
813.6 Hernandez      Claudia D Hernández Knitting the fog
814.54 Solnit      Rebecca Solnit The faraway nearby
814.6 Broom      Sarah M Broom The yellow house
814.6 Dorr      Noam Dorr Love drones
818.603 Renkl      Margaret Renkl Late migrations : a natural history of love and loss
820.9 Nafisi      Azar Nafisi That other world : Nabokov and the puzzle of exile
822.8 Wilde      Oscar Wilde The importance of being earnest and other plays
823.8 Grahame      Matthew Dennison The man in the willows : the life of Kenneth Grahame
824.914 Roy      Arundhati Roy My seditious heart : collected nonfiction
828.914 Athill      Diana Athill Somewhere towards the end : a memoir
843.914 Carere      Emmanuel Carrère Lives other than my own
853.92 Cognetti      Paolo Cognetti The wild boy : a memoir
909.0963 Blackburn      Julia Blackburn Time song : journeys in search of a submerged land
910.202 Road        The road trip book : 1001 drives of a lifetime
910.45 Paine      Lincoln Paine The sea and civilization : a maritime history of the world
915 Dalrymple      William Dalrymple In Xanadu: A Quest
917.3049 Guinn      Jeff Guinn The vagabonds : the story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's ten-year road trip
R 621.3192 McGraw   McGraw-Hill's National electrical code handbook.
[Career] 005.87 Rivlin      Gary Rivlin Becoming an ethical hacker
[Career] 363.289 Kahn      Howie Kahn Becoming a private investigator
[Career] 613.7046 Greenwood      Elizabeth Greenwood Becoming a yoga instructor
[Career] 647.9509 Kuh      Patric Kuh Becoming a restaurateur
[Career] 650.144 McKay      Dawn Rosenberg McKay The everything job interview question book : the best answers to the toughest interview questions
[Career] 650.144 Williams      Lynn Williams Ultimate interview : master the art of interview success with 100s of typical, unusual and industry-specific questions and answers
[College] 378.161 Fiske      Edward B Fiske Fiske countdown to college : 41 to-do lists and a plan for every year of high school
[College] 378.161 Shulman      Jill Margaret Shulman College admissions cracked : saving your kid (and yourself) from the madness
[College] 378.1616 How        How they got into Harvard :
[College] 378.198 Costaras      Anna Costaras The college bound organizer : the ultimate guide to successful college applications
[College] 378.73 Princeton   The complete book of colleges.
[College] 650.14 Bolles        What color is your parachute? : job-hunter's workbook.
[Literacy] ALL Murphy      Raymond Murphy Essential grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English
[Literacy] ALL Redman      Stuart Redman English vocabulary in use. Pre-intermediate & intermediate
[Test] ACT Kaplan   ACT prep.
[Test] AP Calc AB Princeton        Cracking the AP calculus AB exam.
[Test] AP Calc BC Princeton        Cracking the AP calculus BC exam.
[Test] AP Chemistry Princeton        Cracking the AP. Chemistry exam
[Test] AP European Princeton        Cracking the AP. European history
[Test] AP Physics 2 Princeton        Cracking the AP. Physics 2 exam.
[Test] AP Physics C Princeton     Cracking the AP. Physics C exam.
[Test] CLEP CollegeBoard        CLEP : official study guide.
[Test] GRE Barrons      Philip Geer Essential Words for the Gre, 4th Edition
[Test] GRE Princeton       The Princeton Review Crash Course for the Gre, 6th Edition: Your Last-Minute Guide to Scoring High
[Test] IELTS McGraw-Hill      Monica Sorrenson McGraw-Hill Education Ielts, Second Edition [With CD (Audio)]
[Test] PROF/VOC ASVAB Dummies      Angie Johnston 2019/2020 ASVAB with online practice
[Test] PROF/VOC MTEL REA        MTEL. Communication & literacy skills test (field 01).
[Test] SAT Math 2 Barrons        SAT subject test math level 2
[Test] SSAT Kaplan        SSAT & ISEE middle & upper prep
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP 940.5421 Lambert, Ray      Ray Lambert Every man a hero : a memoir of D-Day, the first wave at Omaha Beach, and a world at war
LP 941.8708 Phelan, Tom      Tom Phelan We were rich and we didn't know it : a memoir of my Irish boyhood
LP 977 Mccullough      David G McCullough The pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal west