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General Fiction
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Alger, Cristina      Cristina Alger Girls like us
FICTION Almada, Selva      Selva Almada The wind that lays waste : a novel
FICTION Archer, Sarah      Sarah Archer The plus one
FICTION Bachmann, Ingeborg      Ingeborg Bachmann Malina
FICTION Baker, Chandler      Chandler Baker Whisper network
FICTION Baldacci, David      David Baldacci One good deed
FICTION Balogh, Mary      Mary Balogh Someone to honor
FICTION Barbara K.      author Barbara K. Heels of steel
FICTION Bell, David      David Bell Layover
FICTION Belle, Kimberly      Kimberly Belle Dear wife
FICTION Benz, Chanelle      Chanelle Benz The gone dead : a novel
FICTION Berry, Wendell      Wendell Berry The wild birds : six stories of the Port William Membership
FICTION Betley, Matthew      Matthew Betley Rules of war : a thriller
FICTION Bhattacharya, Nabarun      Nabāruṇa Bhaṭṭācārya Harbart
FICTION Bobotis, Andrea      Andrea Bobotis The last list of Miss Judith Kratt : a novel
FICTION Bonini, Carlo      Carlo Bonini The night of Rome
FICTION Boyagoda, Randy      Randy Boyagoda Original prin : a novel
FICTION Brackenbury, Rosalind      Rosalind Brackenbury Without her : a novel / Rosalind Brackenbury.
FICTION Brandoff, Timothy      Timothy Brandoff Cornelius Sky
FICTION Breton, Andre      Andre Breton Nadja
FICTION Brockman, Cambria      Cambria Brockman Tell me everything : a novel
FICTION Brodesser-Akener, Taffy      Taffy Brodesser-Akner Fleishman is in trouble : a novel
FICTION Bruns, David      David Bruns Rules of engagement
FICTION Buckhanon, Kalisha      Kalisha Buckhanon Speaking of summer : a novel
FICTION Butler, Season      Season Butler Cygnet : a novel
FICTION Campbell, Michele      Michele Campbell A stranger on the beach
FICTION Cantor, Melanie      Melanie Cantor Death and other happy endings
FICTION Chaudhry, Mamta      Mamta Chaudhry Haunting Paris : a novel
FICTION Chung, Catherine      Catherine Chung The tenth muse : a novel
FICTION Clark, Clare      Clare Clark In the full light of the sun
FICTION Clark, Martin      Martin Clark The substitution order
FICTION Clifford, Aoife      Aoife Clifford Second sight
FICTION Colgan, Jenny      Jenny Colgan The bookshop on the shore
FICTION Collette, Katherine      Katherine Collette The helpline : a novel
FICTION Cornwell, Bernard      Bernard Cornwell Death of kings : a novel
FICTION Coulter, Catherine      Catherine Coulter Labyrinth
FICTION Courtois, Gregoire      Grégoire Courtois The laws of the skies
FICTION Davidson, Craig      Craig Davidson The Saturday Night Ghost Club : a novel
FICTION Davis, Fiona      Fiona Davis The Chelsea girls : a novel
FICTION De Leon, Aya      Aya De León Side chick nation
FICTION De Moor, Marente      Marente de Moor The Dutch Maiden
FICTION Dennis, Chris      Chris Dennis Here is what you do : stories
FICTION Dermansky, Marcy      Marcy Dermansky Very nice
FICTION Di Pietrantonio, Donatella      Donatella Di Pietrantonio A girl returned
FICTION Dickson, Allison      Allison M Dickson The other Mrs. Miller
FICTION Dimberg, Kelsey      Kelsey Rae Dimberg Girl in the rearview mirror : a novel
FICTION Dolan-Leach, Caite      Caite Dolan-Leach We went to the woods : a novel
FICTION Dukess, Karen      Karen Dukess The last book party : a novel
FICTION Dunlop, Andrea      Andrea Dunlop We came here to forget : a novel
FICTION Dykes, Amanda      Amanda Dykes Whose waves these are
FICTION Edvardsson, M. T.      MT Edvardsson A nearly normal family
FICTION Eekhaut, Guido      Guido Eekhaut Purgatory : a thriller
FICTION Eisele, Kimi      Kimi Eisele The lightest object in the universe
FICTION Fargo, Layne      Layne Fargo Temper
FICTION Fenton, Liz      Liz Fenton The two Lila Bennetts
FICTION Ffitch, Madeline      Madeline ffitch Stay and fight
FICTION Fitch, Janet Janet Fitch Chimes of a lost cathedral
FICTION Foster, Lori      Lori Foster Sisters of Summer's End
FICTION Freedman, Mike      Mike Freedman King of the Mississippi
FICTION Friedland, Elyssa      Elyssa Friedland The floating Feldmans
FICTION Gaitskill, Mary      Mary Gaitskill Bad behavior : stories
FICTION Gaylin, Alison      Alison Gaylin Never look back
FICTION Gaynor, Hazel      Hazel Gaynor Meet me in Monaco : a novel of Grace Kelly's royal wedding
FICTION Gelman, Laurie      Laurie Gelman You've been volunteered : a class mom novel
FICTION Giiono, Jean      Jean Giono A king alone
FICTION Ginzburg, Natalia      Natalia Ginzburg The dry heart
FICTION Ginzburg, Natalia      Natalia Ginzburg Happiness, as such
FICTION Gold, Jennifer      Jennifer Gold The ingredients of us : a novel
FICTION Goldin, Megan      Megan Goldin The escape room
FICTION Goodrich Royce, Deborah      Deborah Goodrich Royce Finding Mrs. Ford
FICTION Gordon, David      David Gordon The hard stuff : a novel
FICTION Graham, Heather      Heather Graham The seekers
FICTION Greaney, Mark      Mark Greaney Red metal
FICTION Greg, Wioletta      Wioletta Greg Accommodations
FICTION Groom, Winston      Winston Groom Forrest Gump : a novel
FICTION Guillory, Jasmine      Jasmine Guillory The wedding party
FICTION Habila, Helon      Helon Habila Travelers : a novel
FICTION Hage, Rawi      Rawi Hage Beirut Hellfire Society : a novel
FICTION Harding, Robyn      Robyn Harding The arrangement
FICTION Harris, Joanne      Joanne Harris The strawberry thief
FICTION Hauser, CJ      CJ Hauser Family of origin
FICTION Havelin, Karen      Karen Havelin Please read this leaflet carefully : keep this leaflet. you may need to read it again.
FICTION Haywood, Sarah      Sarah Haywood The cactus
FICTION Heldt, Barbara      Barbara Heldt A Double Life
FICTION Henry, Madeleine      Madeleine Henry Breathe in, cash out : a novel
FICTION Hlad, Alan      Alan Hlad The long flight home
FICTION Holmes, Linda      Linda Holmes Evvie Drake starts over : a novel
FICTION Holsinger, Bruce      Bruce W Holsinger The gifted school
FICTION Horrocks, Caitlin      Caitlin Horrocks The vexations
FICTION Hunter, Stephen      Stephen Hunter Game of snipers
FICTION Hwang, Sog-yong      Sŏg-yŏng Hwang At dusk
FICTION Jerome, Jerome K.      Jerome K Jerome Three men in a boat : to say nothing of the dog! ; & Three men on the Bummel
FICTION Johansen, Iris      Iris Johansen Smokescreen
FICTION Jones, Sadie      Sadie Jones The snakes : a novel
FICTION Kate, Lauren      Lauren Kate The orphan's song
FICTION Kibler, Julie      Julie Kibler Home for erring and outcast girls : a novel
FICTION King, Reed      Reed King FKA USA : a novel
FICTION Klosterman, Chuck      Chuck Klosterman Raised in captivity : fictional nonfiction
FICTION Kuritzkes, Justin      Justin Kuritzkes Famous people : a novel
FICTION LaCorte, Ellen      Ellen LaCorte The perfect fraud : a novel
FICTION Lapena, Shari      Shari Lapeña Someone we know
FICTION Laurain, Antoine      Antoine Laurain Vintage 1954
FICTION Lee, Amanda Koe      Amanda Lee Koe Delayed rays of a star : a novel
FICTION Lindsey, Johanna      Johanna Lindsey Temptation's darling
FICTION Littlefield, Sophie      Sophie Littlefield That's what frenemies are for : a novel
FICTION Lock, Norman      Norman Lock Feast day of the cannibals
FICTION Lombardo, Claire      Claire Lombardo The most fun we ever had
FICTION Lustbader, Eric      Eric Lustbader The sum of all shadows
FICTION Lymperake, Margarita      Margarita Lymperak♯₃ Three summers
FICTION Mackintosh, Clare      Clare Mackintosh After the end
FICTION Macomber, Debbie      Debbie Macomber Window on the bay : a novel
FICTION Maizes, R. L.      R L Maizes We love Anderson Cooper : short stories
FICTION Makkai, Rebecca      Rebecca Makkai The great believers
FICTION Marais, Bianca      Bianca Marais If you want to make god laugh
FICTION Maren, Mesha      Mesha Maren Sugar run
FICTION Marlantes, Karl      Karl Marlantes Deep river : a novel
FICTION Matthews, Owen      Owen Matthews Black sun : a novel
FICTION Maum, Courtney      Courtney Maum Costalegre
FICTION McCall Smith, Alexander      Alexander McCall Smith The second-worst restaurant in France
FICTION McKenzie, Catherine      Catherine McKenzie I'll never tell
FICTION McKinty, Adrian      Adrian McKinty The chain
FICTION McLean, Felicity      Felicity McLean The Van Apfel girls are gone
FICTION McPherson, James Alan      James Alan McPherson Hue and cry : stories
FICTION Meacham, Leila      Leila Meacham Dragonfly : a novel
FICTION Mechling, Lauren      Lauren Mechling How could she
FICTION Medina, Pablo      Pablo Medina The Cuban comedy : a novel
FICTION Miller, Tom      Tom Miller The philosopher's war : a novel
FICTION Mirza, Fatima Farheen      Fatima Farheen Mirza A place for us : a novel
FICTION Mishima, Yukio      Yukio Mishima The frolic of the beasts
FICTION Mitzner, Adam      Adam Mitzner A matter of will : a novel
FICTION Miyamoto, Teru      Teru Miyamoto Inhabitation : a novel
FICTION Mooney, Dan      Dan Mooney The great unexpected
FICTION Moriarty, Jaclyn      Jaclyn Moriarty Gravity is the thing : a novel
FICTION Moriarty, Liane      Liane Moriarty The last anniversary : a novel
FICTION Moriarty, Liane      Liane Moriarty The hypnotist's love story : a novel
FICTION Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich      Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov The stories of Vladimir Nabokov.
FICTION Nieh, Daniel      Daniel Nieh Beijing payback : a novel
FICTION Noble, Shelley      Shelley Noble A beach wish : a novel
FICTION Norfleet, Celeste O.      Celeste O Norfleet One night in Georgia : a novel
FICTION Norman, Howard A.      Howard A Norman The ghost clause
FICTION O'Brien, Tim      Tim O'Brien In the Lake of the Woods
FICTION Olmi, Veronique      Véronique Olmi Bakhita : a novel of the Saint of Sudan
FICTION Orner, Peter      Peter Orner Maggie Brown & Others
FICTION Pagan, Camille      Camille Pagán I'm fine and neither are you
FICTION Palsdottir, Sigrun      Sigrún Pálsdóttir History. a mess.
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson Sophia princess among beasts
FICTION Petrova, Daniela      Daniela Petrova Her daughter's mother
FICTION Phillips, Helen      Helen Phillips The need : a novel
FICTION Potok, Chaim      Chaim Potok My name is Asher Lev
FICTION Punti, Jordi      Jordi Punti This Is Not America: Stories
FICTION Purcell, Laura      Laura Purcell The poison thread
FICTION Pursell, Ped Alford      Peg Alford Pursell A girl goes into the forest : stories
FICTION Raheem, Zara      Zara Raheem The marriage clock : a novel
FICTION Renkl, Margaret      Margaret Renkl Late migrations : a natural history of love and loss
FICTION Richards, Emilie      Emilie Richards A family of strangers
FICTION Roberts, Nora      Nora Roberts Under currents
FICTION Robotham, Michael      Michael Robotham Good girl, bad girl : a novel
FICTION Roby, Kimberla Lawson      Kimberla Lawson Roby Sin of a woman
FICTION Rodman, Howard      Howard Rodman The Great Eastern : a novel
FICTION Rodrigues Fowler, Yara      Yara Rodrigues Fowler Stubborn archivist
FICTION Roy, Lori      Lori Roy Gone too long : a novel
FICTION Russo, Richard      Richard Russo Chances are...
FICTION Sager, Riley      Riley Sager Lock every door : a novel
FICTION Salazar, Noelle      Noelle Salazar The flight girls
FICTION Savage, Lila      Lila Savage Say say say : a novel
FICTION Shalvis, Jill      Jill Shalvis The Lemon sisters : a novel
FICTION Silva, Daniel      Daniel Silva The new girl : a novel
FICTION Simsion, Graeme      Graeme C Simsion The Rosie result
FICTION Smith, Sarah      Sarah Smith Marilou is everywhere
FICTION Souljah, Sister      Sister Souljah The coldest winter ever : a novel
FICTION Stibbe, Nina      Nina Stibbe Reasons to be cheerful
FICTION Stradal, J. Ryan      J Ryan Stradal The lager queen of Minnesota
FICTION Szalay, David      David Szalay Turbulence
FICTION Thayer, Nancy      Nancy Thayer Surfside sisters
FICTION Tilney, Alexander      Alexander Tilney The expectations
FICTION Tomar, Ruchika      Ruchika Tomar A prayer for travelers
FICTION Torres, Fernanda      Fernanda Torres Glory and Its Litany of Horrors
FICTION Trabucco Zeran, Alia      Alia Trabucco Zerán The remainder
FICTION Tremblay, Paul      Paul Tremblay Growing things : and other stories
FICTION Ulitskaia, Liudmila      Li︠u︡dmila Ulit︠s︡kai︠a︡ Jacob's ladder
FICTION Vandelly, T. Marie      T Marie Vandelly Theme music
FICTION Vanderah, Glendy      Glendy Vanderah Where the forest meets the stars
FICTION Vonderau, Carl      Carl Vonderau Murderabilia
FICTION Waxman, Abbi      Abbi Waxman The bookish life of Nina Hill
FICTION Whelan, Julia      Julia Whelan My Oxford year : a novel
FICTION Whitehead, Colson      Colson Whitehead The nickel boys : a novel
FICTION Williams, Beatriz      Beatriz Williams The golden hour : a novel
FICTION Williams, Lara      Lara Williams Supper club : a novel
FICTION Wilson, Carter      Carter Wilson Dead girl in 2A
FICTION Wouk, Herman      Herman Wouk The winds of war : a novel
FICTION Wouk, Herman      Herman Wouk The Caine mutiny : a novel of World War II
FICTION Zentner, Alexi      Alexi Zentner Copperhead
Call Number Author Title
MYSTERY Atkins, Ace      Ace Atkins The shameless
MYSTERY Bellairs, George      George Bellairs Surfeit of suspects
MYSTERY Berenson, Laurien      Laurien Berenson Bite club
MYSTERY Brett, Simon      Simon Brett The killer in the choir
MYSTERY Bush, Nancy      Nancy Bush Bad things
MYSTERY Castillo, Linda      Linda Castillo Shamed
MYSTERY Connolly, Sheila      Sheila Connolly Killer in the carriage house
MYSTERY Davis, Lindsey      Lindsey Davis A capitol death
MYSTERY Disher, Garry      Garry Disher Under the cold bright lights
MYSTERY Doiron, Paul      Paul Doiron Almost midnight
MYSTERY Dunnett, Kaitlyn      Kaitlyn Dunnett Clause & effect
MYSTERY Dyer, Ashley      Ashley Dyer The cutting room : a novel
MYSTERY Frear, Caz      Caz Frear Stone cold heart : a novel
MYSTERY Freeman, Dianne      Dianne Freeman A lady's guide to gossip and murder
MYSTERY Galligan, John      John Galligan Bad Axe County : a novel
MYSTERY Gerard, Anna      Anna Gerard Peach clobbered
MYSTERY Gores, Joe      Joe Gores Dead skip
MYSTERY Green, Simon R.      Simon R Green Till sudden death do us part
MYSTERY Harper, Bradley      Bradley Harper A knife in the fog : a mystery featuring Margaret Harkness and Arthur Conan Doyle
MYSTERY James, Miranda      Miranda James The pawful truth
MYSTERY Kuhns, Eleanor      Eleanor Kuhns Simply dead
MYSTERY Leininger, Robert      Robert Leininger Gumshoe Rock
MYSTERY Lepionka, Kristen      Kristen Lepionka The stories you tell
MYSTERY Lippman, Laura      Laura Lippman Lady in the lake : a novel
MYSTERY Lovesey, Peter      Peter Lovesey Killing with confetti
MYSTERY Moore, Jonathan      Jonathan Moore Blood relations
MYSTERY Musso, Guillaume      Guillaume Musso The reunion : a novel
MYSTERY Nesbo, Jo      Jo Nesbø Knife
MYSTERY Nickson, Chris      Chris Nickson The leaden heart
MYSTERY Nielsen, Helen      Helen Nielsen Borrow the night ; The fifth caller, two novels
MYSTERY Oates, Joyce Carol      Joyce Carol Oates The triumph of the spider monkey : a Hard Case Crime novel
MYSTERY Parry, H. G.      H G Parry The unlikely escape of Uriah Heep
MYSTERY Pryor, Mark      Mark Pryor The bookseller : the first Hugo Marston novel
MYSTERY Rosenfelt, David      David Rosenfelt Bark of night
MYSTERY Rozan, SJ      S J Rozan Paper son
MYSTERY Shaffer, Andrew      Andrew Shaffer Hope rides again
MYSTERY Shimada, Soji      Sōji Shimada Murder in the crooked house
MYSTERY Wilson, Andrew      Andrew Wilson Death in a desert land : a novel
MYSTERY Zepeda Patterson, Jorge      Jorge Zepeda Patterson The black jersey : a novel
Science Fiction
Call Number Author Title
SCI FIC Bannister, Andrew      Andrew Bannister Iron Gods
SCI FIC Baoshu      1980- author Baoshu The redemption of time
SCI FIC Beaulieu, Bradley P.      Bradley P Beaulieu Beneath the twisted trees
SCI FIC Booth, Naomi      Naomi Booth Sealed
SCI FIC Bova, Ben      Ben Bova Earth
SCI FIC Brown, Pierce      Pierce Brown Dark age
SCI FIC Bujold, Lois McMaster      Lois McMaster Bujold The Warrior's Apprentice (-30th Anniversary)
SCI FIC Child, Heather      Heather Child Everything about you
SCI FIC Collins, Suzanne      Suzanne Collins The hunger games
SCI FIC Collins, Suzanne      Suzanne Collins Catching fire
SCI FIC Cooney, C. S. E.      C S E Cooney Desdemona and the deep
SCI FIC Estep, Jennifer      Jennifer Estep Protect the prince
SCI FIC Freed, Alexander      Alexander Freed Star Wars. Alphabet Squadron
SCI FIC Gomillion, Agnes      Agnes Gomillion The record keeper
SCI FIC Hall, Alexis J.      Alexis J Hall The affair of the mysterious letter
SCI FIC Hall, Kerstin      Kerstin Hall The border keeper
SCI FIC Hobb, Robin      Robin Hobb Fool's quest
SCI FIC Horn, J. D.      J D Horn The final days of magic
SCI FIC Huang, S. L.      S L Huang Null set
SCI FIC Lackey, Mercedes      Mercedes Lackey Eye spy
SCI FIC Lai, Larissa      Larissa Lai The tiger flu : a novel
SCI FIC Lee, Fonda      Fonda Lee Jade War
SCI FIC Lee, Yoon Ha      Yoon Ha Lee Hexarchate stories
SCI FIC Lynch, Scott      Scott Lynch Red seas under red skies
SCI FIC Marks, Laurie J.      Laurie J Marks Fire logic
SCI FIC Mather, Matthew      Matthew Mather The dreaming tree
SCI FIC Moon, Elizabeth      Elizabeth Moon Sheepfarmer's daughter
SCI FIC Moreno-Garcia, Silvia      Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gods of jade and shadow : a novel
SCI FIC Priest, Cherie      Cherie Priest The toll
SCI FIC Ringo, John      John Ringo River of night
SCI FIC Rowland, Alexandra      Alexandra Rowland A Conspiracy of Truths (Reprint)
SCI FIC Ryan, Anthony      Anthony Ryan The wolf's call
SCI FIC Simmons, Dan      Dan Simmons Hyperion
SCI FIC Star Wars Thrawn      Timothy Zahn Thrawn : treason
SCI FIC Sullivan, Michael J.      Michael J Sullivan Age of myth
SCI FIC Sullivan, Michael J.      Michael J Sullivan Age of legend
SCI FIC Swanwick, Michael      Michael Swanwick The iron dragon's mother
SCI FIC Taylor, Dennis E.      Dennis E Taylor For we are many
SCI FIC Taylor, Dennis E.      Dennis E Taylor All these worlds
SCI FIC Tesh, Emily      Emily Tesh Silver in the wood
SCI FIC Turnbull, Cadwell      Cadwell Turnbull The lesson : a novel
SCI FIC Turtledove, Harry      Harry Turtledove Alpha and omega
SCI FIC Vaughn, S. K.      S K Vaughn Across the void : a novel
SCI FIC Vinge, Vernor      Vernor Vinge Rainbows end
SCI FIC Wallace, Kali      Kali Wallace Salvation day
SCI FIC Wellington, David      David Wellington The last astronaut
SCI FIC Wendig, Chuck      Chuck Wendig Wanderers : a novel
SCI FIC Winter, Evan      Evan Winter The rage of dragons
SCI FIC Yang, J. Y. Jy Yang The Ascent to Godhood
SCI FIC Yolen, Jane      Jane Yolen The last tsar's dragons
Call Number Author Title
[PB] ROMANCE B      Lenora Bell One fine duke
[PB] ROMANCE B      Mary Balogh Someone to honor
[PB] ROMANCE D      HelenKay Dimon Her other secret : a novel
[PB] ROMANCE J      Sabrina Jeffries Project duchess
[PB] ROMANCE J      Eloisa James Say no to the duke
[PB] ROMANCE M      Janna MacGregor Rogue most wanted
[PB] ROMANCE M      Emily March Jackson
[PB] ROMANCE R      Maya Rodale Some like it scandalous
[PB] ROMANCE S      Sharon Sala A rainbow above us
[PB] ROMANCE S      Lynsay Sands A lady in disguise
[PB] ROMANCE Y      Maisey Yates Cowboy to the core
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP Blake, Sarah      Sarah Blake The guest book
LP Cullen, Helen      Helen Cullen The lost letters of William Woolf
LP Hoang, Helen      Helen Hoang The bride test
LP Holsinger, Bruce W.      Bruce W Holsinger The gifted school : a novel
LP Kingsolver, Barbara      Barbara Kingsolver Unsheltered : a novel
LP Kwok, Jean      Jean Kwok Searching for Sylvie Lee : a novel
LP Lombardo, Claire      Claire Lombardo The most fun we ever had : a novel
LP Luiselli, Valeria      Valeria Luiselli Lost children archive
LP Maden, Mike      Mike Maden Tom Clancy Enemy contact
LP McKinty, Adrian      Adrian McKinty The chain
LP Schmidt, Sarah      Sarah Schmidt See what I have done
LP Whitehead, Colson      Colson Whitehead The Nickel boys : a novel
LP Williams, Beatriz      Beatriz Williams The golden hour : a novel
Call Number Author Title
POETRY Ewing, Eve      Eve L Ewing 1919