New Materials—July 2019—Main Library
Children's Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Fiction] AND Laura Ellen Anderson Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball
J [Fiction] APP Victor Appleton The drone pursuit
J [Fiction] ATW Megan Atwood A fall for friendship
J [Fiction] BAL Joe Ballarini Mission to Monster Island
J [Fiction] BAR Mac Barnett The Terrible Two's last laugh
J [Fiction] BEA Robert Beatty Serafina and the Seven Stars
J [Fiction] BEH Ruth Behar Lucky broken girl
J [Fiction] BER Ariel Bernstein Scary sleepover
J [Fiction] BIR Betty G Birney Exploring according to Og the frog
J [Fiction] BLA Aaron Blabey The Bad Guys in the Big Bad Wolf
J [Fiction] BRA Sita Brahmachari Corey's rock
J [Fiction] BRO Pamela Brown Golden pavements
J [Fiction] BRO Gavin Brown Monster Club: Hunters for Hire
J [Fiction] BRO Pamela Brown Blue Door venture
J [Fiction] CAR Emma Carroll Sky chasers
J [Fiction] CHA Jack Chabert The end of Orson Eerie?
J [Fiction] CHA Katrina Charman The battle for Perodia
J [Fiction] COO Susan Cooper Silver on the tree
J [Fiction] COU Nick Courage Storm blown
J [Fiction] CUE Michelle Cuevas The care and feeding of a pet black hole
J [Fiction] DEA Justin Dean Awesome Dog 5000
J [Fiction] DEL Elena Delle Donne Digging deep
J [Fiction] EPS Adam Jay Epstein Lair of the beast
J [Fiction] FEN Elizabeth Fensham My dog made me write this book
J [Fiction] FEN Elizabeth Fensham My dog gets a job
J [Fiction] FLA John Flanagan Duel at Araluen
J [Fiction] FLO Debbi Michiko Florence Truman the Dog
J [Fiction] GIB Stuart Gibbs Spy School secret service : a spy school novel
J [Fiction] GOE Jenny Goebel Out of my shell
J [Fiction] GrI Andy Griffiths The 78-story treehouse
J [Fiction] HAW Lucy Hawking George and the ship of time
J [Fiction] HEN M G Hennessey The Echo Park castaways
J [Fiction] HEN Jack Henseleit The vampire knife
J [Fiction] HOL Jennifer L Holm Miss communication
J [Fiction] HOL Jennifer L Holm School-tripped
J [Fiction] HOR Anthony Horowitz Point blank
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter The fourth apprentice
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter Tallstar's revenge
J [Fiction] HUN Erin Hunter Tigerheart's shadow
J [Fiction] KEA Jess Keating Nikki Tesla and the ferret-proof death ray
J [Fiction] KOR Gordon Korman Level 13 : a slacker novel
J [Fiction] KRA Jeramey Kraatz The fate of Earth
J [Fiction] KRI Uma Krishnaswami Book Uncle and me
J [Fiction] KRO Jarrett Krosoczka The ostrich conspiracy
J [Fiction] LAN Derek Landy Playing with fire
J [Fiction] LAN Matt Laney The four guardians
J [Fiction] LIN Cindy Lin The Twelve
J [Fiction] LLO Natalie Lloyd Carnival catastrophe
J [Fiction] LOC Mariama Lockington For black girls like me
J [Fiction] LUB David Lubar Emperor of the universe
J [Fiction] LYO George Ella Lyon Trains run!
J [Fiction] LYO Kelly Starling Lyons Dancing queen
J [Fiction] MAC Patricia MacLachlan The poet's dog
J [Fiction] MAS Wendy Mass A mango-shaped space : a novel
J [Fiction] MIN Margaret Mincks Payback on Poplar Lane
J [Fiction] MUT Jon J Muth Zen shorts
J [Fiction] NOR Michael Northrop On thin ice
J [Fiction] OHE Kate O'Hearn Titans. Book 1
J [Fiction] PEI Lincoln Peirce Big Nate strikes again
J [Fiction] PIE Tamora Pierce Alanna : the first adventure
J [Fiction] PIN Greg Pincus The Homework Strike
J [Fiction] PLO Lynn Plourde Maxi's secrets : (or, what you can learn from a dog)
J [Fiction] PLO Lynn Plourde Maxi's secrets : (or, what you can learn from a dog)
J [Fiction] POU Sibéal Pounder Bad mermaids make waves
J [Fiction] PRE James Preller Bee the Change
J [Fiction] PRI Chris Priestley Treasure of the golden skull
J [Fiction] PUL Philip Pullman The amber spyglass
J [Fiction] REY J H Reynolds The boy who cried werewolf
J [Fiction] RIT William Ritter Changeling
J [Fiction] SCH Lisa Schroeder Wish on all the stars
J [Fiction] SEN N H Senzai Shooting Kabul
J [Fiction] SEY Jeff Seymour Nadya Skylung and the masked kidnapper
J [Fiction] SHA Ilyasah Shabazz Betty before X
J [Fiction] SNI Lemony Snicket The miserable mill
J [Fiction] SNI  Lemony Snicket The slippery slope
J [Fiction] SUT Tui Sutherland The poison jungle
J [Fiction] TAR Lauren Tarshis I survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
J [Fiction] TEA Erin Teagan Survivor girl
J [Fiction] VER Ursula Vernon Harriet the invincible
J [Fiction] VIL Gail D Villanueva My fate according to the butterfly
J [Fiction] WAT Erica-Jane Waters If the Hat Fits
J [Fiction] WAT Erica Jane Waters Light as a Feather
J [Fiction] WES Kara West Mia Mayhem breaks down walls
J [Fiction] WES Tracey West Shine of the silver dragon
J [Fiction] WOO Matilda Woods The girl who sailed the stars
J [Series] BEN Jim Benton Bad hair day
J [Series] BRE Steven Brezenoff The case of the new professor
J [Series] CHO Anson Montgomery Your grandparents are werewolves
J [Series] CHO Jesse Wiley Alone in the wild
J [Series] CHO Jesse Wiley The wagon train trek
J [Series] GUR Margaret Gurevich On pointe
J [Series] GUR Margaret Gurevich New moves
J [Series] GUT Dan Gutman Miss Porter is out of order!
J [Series] HAN Dustin Hansen Tiny-tricera troubles
J [Series] KRU Nancy E Krulik The dragon's tale
J [Series] MIE Andres Miedoso The sleepwalking snowman
J [Series] MIE Andres Miedoso Campfire Stories
J [Series] MIN   Diary of a Minecraft zombie. Book 9, [Zombie's birthday apocalypse]
J [Series] NEW A I Newton Up, up, and away!
J [Series] SIM Coco Simon Rocky road ahead
J [Series] STI R L Stine The dummy meets the mummy!
J [Series] SUP Matthew K Manning Attack of Professor Zoom!
J [Series] SUP Laurie Sutton Clayface's slime spree
J [Series] WEB Holly Webb The seaside puppy
Children's Beginning Readers
Call Number Author Title
J [Beginning] BUR Heather Ayris Burnell A good team
J [Beginning] DEA Kim Dean Pete the Cat's trip to the supermarket
J [Beginning] HIG Ryan T Higgins Bruce's Big Fun Day
J [Beginning] HOT Ximena Hastings The creepiest sleepover ever
J [Beginning] KEN Katharine Kenah The best seat in kindergarten
J [Beginning] LEH Adam Lehrhaupt Chicken on a broom
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ADA Wes Adams Pout-Pout Fish : back to school
J [Picture] ASH Linda Ashman Take your pet to school day
J [Picture] AWD Christy Webster Thomas and the Beanstalk
J [Picture] BAR Derrick D Barnes The King of Kindergarten
J [Picture] BES Cari Best Bug off!
J [Picture] BLA Aaron Blabey Piranhas don't eat bananas
J [Picture] BRO Jeffrey Brown My teacher is a robot
J [Picture] BRO Robert Broder Rabbit, Hare, and Bunny
J [Picture] BRO Margaret Wise Brown Walk with me
J [Picture] BRY Nathan Bryon Rocket says look up!
J [Picture] CAR   What's your favorite food?
J [Picture] CAS Aidan Cassie Little Juniper makes it big
J [Picture] CHI Aurélie Chien Chow Chine Little Unicorn is scared
J [Picture] CHI Aurélie Chien Chow Chine Little Unicorn is angry
J [Picture] CHO Jordan Chouteau No more monsters under your bed!
J [Picture] COL Ross Collins What does an anteater eat?
J [Picture] DEN Anika Denise Bunny in the middle
J [Picture] DOE Cori Doerrfeld Goodbye, friend! Hello, friend!
J [Picture] DOI Kaya Doi Chirri & Chirra, underground
J [Picture] DUR Delphine Durand The flops and their fabulous adventures
J [Picture] FIX Philippe Fix Seraphin
J [Picture] FLI Sue Fliess The Earth gives more
J [Picture] FRE Lucy Freegard Just Like Daddy
J [Picture] GOO David Goodner Ginny Goblin cannot have a monster for a pet
J [Picture] GUA Ilaria Guarducci Spiky
J [Picture] HAN Jennifer Hansen Rolli Just for me
J [Picture] HAR Caryl Hart One shoe two shoes
J [Picture] HIL Will Hillenbrand Mighty Reader and the big freeze
J [Picture] HUD Katy Hudson The Golden Acorn
J [Picture] JAM Karen Jameson Moon babies
J [Picture] JEF Oliver Jeffers The way back home
J [Picture] JOH Chelsea Johnson Intersection allies : we make room for all
J [Picture] KAN A N Kang My big bad monster
J [Picture] KAT Yuko Katakawa Let's scare Bear
J [Picture] KRE Diane Kredensor Superbuns! : kindness is her superpower
J [Picture] KYU Hyewon Kyung Save your friends
J [Picture] LAM Anne Lambelet Dogs and their people
J [Picture] LAP Joyce Lapin If you had your birthday party on the Moon
J [Picture] LAZ Tara Lazar Your first day of circus school
J [Picture] LEE Suzy Lee Wave
J [Picture] LUB Alexi author Lubomirski Thank you for my dreams : bedtime prayers of gratitude
J [Picture] LUC Angie Lucas My big, dumb, invisible dragon
J [Picture] MAC Giancarlo Macri The wall
J [Picture] MAK Bella Makatini The big five
J [Picture] MER Ishta Mercurio Small world
J [Picture] MES Sebastian Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the king of the forest
J [Picture] MIR Anne Miranda Tangled : a story about shapes
J [Picture] MUI Coll Muir Can Cat and Bird be friends?
J [Picture] NOY Violeta Noy The right one for Roderic
J [Picture] OAT Joyce Carol Oates The new kitten
J [Picture] PAT Karen Patkau Triceratops stomp
J [Picture] PEA Peter Pearson How to walk a dump truck
J [Picture] PEA Lou Peacock Toby is a big boy
J [Picture] PIN J Brian Pinkney Puppy truck
J [Picture] PIZ Tamara Pizzoli Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO
J [Picture] REI Jean Reidy Truman
J [Picture] REI Mike Reiss Turtle and Tortoise are not friends
J [Picture] ROB Michelle Robinson The pawed piper
J [Picture] ROT Shelley Rotner Colors
J [Picture] RUB  Adam Rubin Those darn squirrels!
J [Picture] SCA Elizabeth Garton Scanlon One dark bird
J [Picture] SCH Josh Schneider Ultrabot's first playdate
J [Picture] SUP Brendan Deneen First day of Groot!
J [Picture] TEA Michelle Tea Astro baby
J [Picture] THO Blair Thornburgh Skulls!
J [Picture] TWI Jill Twiss The someone new
J [Picture] VAN Muon Van Clever little witch
J [Picture] VER Susan Verde Unstoppable me
J [Picture] VO Nancy Vo The Ranger
J [Picture] VOS Jonathan D Voss Imagine that : a Hoot & Olive story
J [Picture] WHE Lisa Wheeler Even monsters go to school
J [Picture] WIL Troy Wilson Little Red Reading Hood and the misread wolf
J [Picture] WIL Mo Willems The pigeon has to go to school!
J [Picture] WOH Mike Wohnoutka So big!
J [Picture] WOO Liza Woodruff A quieter story
J [Picture] YAN James Yang Stop! Bot!
J [Picture] ZAC Abdul-Razak Zachariah The night is yours
Children's Board Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Board]       British Museum. creator. First words : early learning at the museum
J [Board]        Dogs.
J [Board]      Lucie Brunelličre Deep in the ocean
J [Board]      Stefanie Paige Wieder Baby food
J [Board]      Britta Teckentrup Cat & mouse
J [Board]      Anna Membrino I look up to... Ruth Bader Ginsburg
J [Board]      Gail Gibbons Tool book
J [Board]        123 : early learning at the museum.
J [Board]      Clare Lloyd Pinocchio
J [Board]      Eunice Moyle Kindness rules!
J [Board]       British Museum. creator. Animals : early learning at the museum
J [Board]      Meritxell Martí Red rojo
J [Board]      Richard Scarry Richard Scarry's trucks.
J [Board]      Grace Helmer Kahlo's koalas : 1, 2, 3, count art with me
J [Board]      Charlotte Agell Mud, sand, and snow
J [Board]      Ian McAllister Babies of the Great Bear Rainforest
J [Board]      J C Coates Puppy talk : opposites
J [Board]      Yayo Kawamura Who is afraid of Little Wolf?
J [Board]        Row, row, row your boat
J [Board]      Xavier Deneux ABC
J [Board]      Margaret Wise Brown The quiet noisy book
J [Board]      Theodore W Gray Theodore Gray's my first elements.
J [Board]      Ruth Musgrave Look & learn : in my garden
J [Board]        Marvel Alpha block : the Marvel cinematic universe from A to Z
J [Board]      Sarah Gillingham Boats are busy
J [Board]      Craig Frazier Going
J [Board]      Kathryn Osebold Galbraith Spring babies
J [Board]      Craig Frazier Sitting
J [Board]        Our rainbow.
Children's Graphic Novels and Comics
Call Number Author Title
J [GRAPHIC] Akissi v2 Marguerite Abouet Akissi : more tales of mischief
J [GRAPHIC] Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl : the graphic novel
J [GRAPHIC] Buffy Carolyn Nowak Buffy the vampire slayer. New school nightmare
J [GRAPHIC] Dam Keeper v3 Robert Kondo The dam keeper. Book 3, Return from the shadows
J [GRAPHIC] Dugout Scott Morse Dugout : the zombie steals home
J [GRAPHIC] Emiline Kimberli Johnson Emiline : knight in training
J [GRAPHIC] Far Side Gary Larson The Far side gallery
J [GRAPHIC] Glorkian Warrior v2 James Kochalka The Glorkian warrior eats adventure pie
J [GRAPHIC] Hilda Luke Pearson Hilda and the bird parade
J [GRAPHIC] MIghtly Zodiac v1 J Torres Starfall
J [GRAPHIC] Mad Scientist Matthew McElligott The ocean disaster
J [GRAPHIC] Making Friends v2 Kristen Gudsnuk Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board (Making Friends #2)
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v13 Paul Tobin Plants vs. zombies. Snow thanks
J [GRAPHIC] Poptropica v4 Mitch Krpata Poptropica. 4 The end of time
J [GRAPHIC] PopularMMOs  Pat + Jen (YouTube personality) Enter the mine
J [GRAPHIC] Queen of the Sea Dylan Meconis Queen of the sea
J [GRAPHIC] Regular Show Chris Hastings Regular show. 25 years later
J [GRAPHIC] Stratford Ian Lendler Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue presents Romeo and Juliet
J [GRAPHIC] Underfoot v1 Ben Fisher The mighty deep
J [GRAPHIC] Wolfie Monster Joey Ellis Wolfie Monster and the big bad pizza battle
Children's Nonfiction
Call Number Author Title
ECRC J 155.4182 Schmidt      Christine A Schmidt Developing social competency in young children
ECRC J 370.117 Kaplowitz      Donna Rich Kaplowitz Race dialogues : a facilitator's guide to tackling the elephant in the classroom
ECRC J 649.122 Kinnell      Gretchen Kinnell No biting : solutions and support for toddler programs
J 005.1 Prottsman      Kiki Prottsman How to be a coder
J 005.133 Garland      Ian Garland Kids can code! : fun ways to learn computer programming
J 179.6 Schuh      Mari C Schuh Bundle of nerves : a story of courage
J 294.543 Shlokas        Śloka = Shlokas
J 338.761 Sichol      Lowey Bundy Sichol From an idea to Google : how innovation at Google changed the world
J 339.47 Sylvester      Kevin Sylvester Follow your stuff : who makes it, where does it come from, how does it get to you?
J 546.681 Dicman      Nancy Dickmann Carbon
J 551.46 Hawkins      Emily Hawkins Oceanology : the true account of the voyage of the Nautilus by Zoticus de Lesseps, 1863
J 590.14 Berger      Carin Berger A curious menagerie
J 590.73 Aliki       Aliki. My visit to the zoo
J 591.472 Jenkins      Steve Jenkins Look again : secrets of animal camouflage
J 591.518 Edwards Nicola Edwards When the stars come out
J 595.78 Thomas      Isabel Thomas Moth : an evolution story
J 617.13 Wittenstein      Barry Wittenstein The boo-boos that changed the world : a true story about an accidental invention (really!)
J 629.4092 Gifford      Clive Gifford The race to space
J 641.5973 Langholtz      Gabrielle Langholtz United tastes of America
J 646.724 Beaumont      Mary Richards Beaumont The hair book : care & keeping advice for girls
J 646.724 Littlefield      Cindy A Littlefield Moana hairstyles & looks
J 745.5 Minter      Laura Minter The dinosaur craft book : 15 things a dino fan can't do without
J 794.8 Whitehill      John Florio War in the ring : Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, and the fight between America and Hitler
J 912 National      National Geographic Kids National Geographic Student World Atlas, 5th Edition
J 931 Hudak      Heather C Hudak Forensic investigations of the ancient Chinese
J 932 Bow      James Bow Forensic investigations of the ancient Egyptians
J 932 Jennings      Ken Jennings Ancient Egypt
J 938 Hudak      Heather C Hudak Forensic Investigations of the Ancient Greeks
J 972.6 Spilsbury      Louise Spilsbury Forensic investigations of the Maya
J 974.71 Byrd      Robert Byrd Liberty arrives! : how America's grandest statue found her home
J [P/T] 370.117 Tongue-tied        Tongue-tied : the lives of multilingual children in public education
J [P/T] 372.6 Olien      Rebecca Olien Playful writing : 150 open-ended explorations in emergent literacy
JB Earhart      Brad Meltzer I am Amelia Earhart
JB Ginsburg      Victoria Ortiz Dissenter on the bench : Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and work
JB Gompers      Norman H Finkelstein Union made : labor leader Samuel Gompers and his fight for workers' rights
JB Hamilton      Teri Kanefield Alexander Hamilton : the making of America
JB Lee      Ma Isabel Sánchez Vegara Bruce Lee
JB Mandela      Stephen Krensky Nelson Mandela
JB Morse      Tracy Maurer Samuel Morse, that's who! : the story of the telegraph and Morse code
JB Nureyev      Ma Isabel Sánchez Vegara Rudolf Nureyev
JB Santos      Jef Polivka A Dream of Flight: Alberto Santos-Dumont's Race Around the Eiffel Tower
JB Schulz      Barbara Lowell Sparky & Spike : Charles Schulz and the wildest, smartest dog ever
JB Silva      Jesselyn Silva My corner of the ring : a memoir from a champ
JB Tesla      Amy M O'Quinn Nikola Tesla for kids : his life, ideas, and inventions, with 21 activities
JB Toorpakai      Michelle author Lord A girl called Genghis Khan : how Maria Toorpakai Wazir pretended to be a boy, defied the Taliban, and became a world famous squash player
JB Winfrey      Barbara Kramer Who is Oprah Winfrey?
Children's Foreign Language Books
Call Number Author Title
 J [SP Picture] AND      José Carlos Andrés Adoptar un dinosaurio
J [SP Fiction] ROW      J K Rowling Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban